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Are there any weight loss products that have no side effects?

Posted by Juliana




I have tried so many products for losing weight.   But so far I haven’t found any products which give good results without any side effects.   Now, I'm looking for products that have no side effects and can help me to control my weight. Can anyone help me?

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 Please check out my team on wellsphere; Be-Fit.  I am a biochemist and have been selling nutritional products for 5 years.  Your question is a great one.  I have some suggestions after you check out our site and see the success stories.  

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Your concern for your body and potential side effects is absolutely understandable - most of the health problems today are associated with obesity.  And the majority of products and diets today do have unwelcome side effects. Always use products which are recognized by an authorized company. One which I can suggest you try is the Access Bars from Melaleuca. They have been scientifically proven, and are patented in numerous countries - this should give you peace of mind that they have been well tested. You can find out more at my signature given below:




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If you do not want any side-effects of products, then you should read my recent series on dieting. I would be happy to elaborate and answer your questions.

I haven't had any side effects using acai.
I had success with Slimquick and no side effects at all.  But I also changed my lifestyle.  I ate healthy, I filled up on salad and stayed away from everything fried.  I counted calories, carbs and fats.  I exercised daily, not overdoing it but I made sure I did something everyday, even if it was super hula hoop on the Wii.  I kept track on  It made a difference paying attention to what I was eating.  I started with the Slimquick cleanse...which does have a side in close proximity of a bathroom for a week.  I lost 7 lbs that first week and a total of 18 in 3 months.

It's pretty hard to find weight loss products that have no side effects. Most of it will cause you constipation in the beginning. I think the best way to lose weight naturaly and withput side effects is by having proper diet and exercise.

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