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Are their foods that are Low Carbs but High Protein all in one food item ? Could you list any?

Posted by amswartzer

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If you're looking for a high-protein plant food, consider QUINOA, a grain from South America (Peru). Half a cup of cooled quinoa contains 4g of protein, 17g of net carbs, and 111 calories.  Otherwise, many animal foods are high in protein and low in carbs (fish, meat, eggs) but many are also high in saturated fat (and calories).  Choose wisely. 
Lentils and beans are relatively high in protein and contain healthy carbohydrates. What is your reason for wanting foods that contain both nutrients?
If your looking for a low calorie, low carb, and high in protein food then eating eggwhites are great. Each egg has about 70-80 calories and less than 1 carb, but if you take out the yolk(the fatty part) its olny about 17 calories. And each egwhite has about 6 grams of protein. I eat about 3 egg whites for breakfast, as snacks, or after working out(i prefer them hardboiled). Thats all for under 60 calories and almost 20 grams of protien!
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