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Are Obesity Rates in a Lull?

Posted by Debi P.

In November 2007, the CDC released a study that indicated the number of women who are obese in the United States seems to have hit a plateau, and men's obesity rates may be following the same trend, even though we are still, as a country, facing obesity levels at about 34% of our population. The report, entitled, "Obesity Among Adults in the United States - No Change Since 2003-04" contains the most recent information about this trend.

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Perhaps the attention the media has been giving to the problem as well as show like "The Biggest Loser" and various others are helping after all. For a long time obesity was a rising trend that was swept under the rug until it reached epic proportions. Now that people have more access to information about how to go about losing weight and the effect of fast food and transfats on our diet, hopefully we'll begin to see a drop in the obesity rate.

Though it might be a fluke, we can hope that, as Mary Ann said, people are learning from the shows and articles we're bombarded with about weight loss and obesity. Being informed is really the first step. Before we had TV, dietitians, trainers, and books, how did we know what to eat or what "bad" foods were? Without some sources of information, we flounder along doing what we can but not really knowing exactly what is best for us. Hopefully, there is a trend toward great health in the horizon.

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