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Are Healthy Breakfasts That Healthy

Posted Nov 05 2008 2:37am

breakfast Some evidence has come to light recently, regarding whether or not some actual breakfasts are healthy or not, some studies have come to light that show that some breakfast that we eat. Have far too much salt in way above the recommended daily amount.

At places like say for instance Starbucks, don’t have nutritional information as regards to what they are selling so you have no idea of actually how much, you are eating but there breakfasts do contain an awful lot of salt.

Apparently even people whom make breakfast at home could also be overdoing the salt probably without even realising it, it’s possible that they could be eating with their breakfast half the amount of salt that their body needs within one day.

So all you need to do then is eat a few more meals that contain some salt and you’re probably on your way, to eating more salt than you should do throughout the day, this may not seem like a problem at first but having too much salt in your diet can lead to other problems later on.

The recommended daily amount of salt per day is six grams, if you are taking more than that it can start to affect your blood pressure, the study found that a normal everyday breakfast for some people contained half of what they needed per day for their salt requirements.

Here is a hypothetical breakfast which could quite easily contain half of your daily salt requirement, a 30 gram
serving of Kellogg’s cornflakes, with two slices of toast and Marmite and butter, this particular breakfast contained nearly three grams of salt so already you are halfway there if eat those particular ingredients for breakfast.

If you eat a typical English breakfast e.g. fried eggs, bacon and sausages etc and don’t forget some people like to add salt as well. Then that alone will contain the amount of salt you need for a day without eating anything else that contains salt.

The study found that over 200 items had high levels of salt in them these where croissants, pastries and some muffins.

Here is a brief list so you get some idea of the amount of salt that are in some items that you might not be aware of.

A Burger King breakfast butty with tomato ketchup salt content = 5.17 grams

Pret a manager egg and bacon croissant salt content = 2.45 grams

Costa raspberry and white chocolate muffin salt content = 1.17 grams

Starbucks skinny blueberry muffin salt content = 1.3 grams

Starbucks pain au raison salt content = 1.06 grams

Two slices of Marmite on toast salt content = 2.06 grams

30 grams of Kellogg’s cornflakes, with hundred 25 millilitres of skimmed milk salt content = 0.7 grams

So as we can see here from this list you may be aware or not aware of how much salt you are actually eating throughout the day, on another side note salt can actually cause fluid retention which in turn causes weight gain.

I myself am not really a great salt fan I sometimes have it on certain foods but for me it’s more a take it or leave it scenario.


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