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Applying SIMPLE Principles is Not EASY

Posted May 06 2008 7:02pm

I looked up the definitions of the words "simple" and "easy" respectively. Here is what I found:

Simple: not complex or complicated or involved

Easy: requiring little effort

When it comes to exercise, performance training, weight loss, fat loss, nutrition, etc. the principles which dictate one's success are SIMPLE to understand. For example, in order to lose body weight and body fat, we all know (especially if you regularly read this blog) we have to first and foremost determine our caloric needs to facilitate this goal. Determining your fat loss caloric needs is simple: multiply your current body weight by 12 and then subtract 20%. This is simple to understand, correct?

However, the APPLICATION of this principle is not EASY. Applying it requires you to do the following:

1. Go to the grocery store each and every week and stock your kitchen with the necessary nutritious foods

2. Read food labels, determine serving sizes, measure out servings, calculate the number of calories contained in each serving, etc.

3. Research restaurant menus every time you go out to eat or order take out to determine what healthy menu selections they offer and the caloric content of the selections.

4. Not exceed your caloric limits on the vast majority of days and have the internal motivation to understand you are not "hungry" simply have an appetite and have programmed your body over the years to expect unnecessary amounts of food. Very few people will ever be truly hungry in their lives. Hunger and starvation is a dangerous physiological state where the systems and overall health of the body is compromised. No one gets hungry eating 10-12 calories per pound of their current body weight each day.

5. Sacrifice your need for immediate gratification for the satisfaction of meeting a long term goal...this is not EASY. It requires effort and positive self talk, internal motivation, etc.

Another example of simple and easy is becoming stronger. It is simple to understand how muscles become stronger: you place a progressively greater demand on them on a consistent basis. However, applying the principles of becoming stronger is not EASY. It requires great effort on your part, the ability to put up with the muscular discomfort, and a "go after it" have to make up your mind that you will challenge yourself and try to lift heavier weights and train harder.

Bottom Line: when it comes to diet and exercise don't confuse simple and easy. Furthermore, before you ask me "If the principles of diet and training are so simple, why are they not working for me?", you may want to re-examine whether or not you've honestly been applying the simple principles optimally...and remember...doing so isn't EASY.

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