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Any OTHER beautiful ladies out there up for a weight loss "challenge"

Posted Jun 22 2010 12:41pm
Ok, of my friends who reads my blogs mentioned to me that if I wanted to post a challenge she would be up for it and would consider doing it with me! So I thought I would come on here after giving this some thought. Since I "too" could as well use any extra motivation and support, I thought this was actually a great idea....... while I try once again to hopefully REinspire and help others by continuing to blog my solo journey back for the next while.

So is there anyone else out there that would like to participate in a challenge to lose weight and get healthy along with me from July 1st until March 1st? Find out from family and friends as well..guess its best to spread the word if you can to any women who might want to enter if knowing about this.

This might actually work you know. Its a great way for us to support each other, yet gives us that personal freedom still to choose how we personally want to go about the losing weight part, and how exciting would it be knowing there can be a reward for one of us in the end too (this is something I thought I would add into the mix) :)

Here's the thing. To keep us all motivated, there is one thing that usually works...MONEY.

How about we all voluntarily pay one lump sum that goes into a pool of funds. Anyone interested in playing? I was thinking we all put in 100 dollars each  (whoever wants to enter this challenge). I know it kind of sounds high..but really...its not that bad when you think about it..even for someone broke like myself! (remember I dont go back to work till September)

Why did I pick 100 dollars? Well lets see...
*We cannot have it too cheap (easier to want to throw in the towel)
*This was an amount that would surely sting us somewhat if we joined then decided to drop out  of the challenge and not carry on
*something to remember throughout that will help carry us along and when actually starting will help us look at what we are about to embark on in a more serious way to get us started right!
*An amount that if we can get as many women as possible joining in ...would accumulate to a pretty high pot (of well deserved funds) for the actual winner... to either use to buy some new outfits, join a gym, whatever it may be and giving them that extra something to smile about while celebrating their victory!

But think about it....the more ladies we get aboard the higher the funds grow in the pot for the winner. And even if one joins me..whoever wins will double their money back whether it be myself or the other person. Its a great motivating factor...and if you drop out...well you lose the 100 dollars...plain and simple no refunds! LOL (this is for me too) dont think its going to be easier for me...cause it WONT be.

So....Anyone else in? I think it would be amazing to have many women join in this challenge. Once joined, you can do any diet you like that you feel comfortable with doing, weather it be weight watchers..atkins..whole foods..whatever..and I would recommend exercise as well of course whatever you can do (more the better). Remember I still have the weight watchers books..we can all do that if you like (I can incorporate that into my own diet no problem). Might be easier for alot of women. Please remember though that if joining, this is more to promote good health for all of us. The money is just a bonus factor. I have always said that the YMCA offers subsidized memberships if you might be a person that cannot really afford a full gym membership but wishes to get active that way.

Winner takes all...any takers? Let me know.

We can also arrange to meet for the first time in the  beginning, where I will find someone professional who will weigh us all "privately" and take our measurments...and photos and all the fun stuff...
PHOTOS will NOT be posted here I promise...

When and if you give me permission to post them the only time I would love to do that would be when we are done (they will be kept in my private collection until the end just in case). Which I will then either post them and/ or will give them back to you for your own personal use(you will be the one deciding that) Whatever you feel more comfortable with.

I think it would be GREAT if you DO choose to post them later on..before and afters are amazing..and imagine 8 months worth of good eating and exercising?
That would make us some really GREAT before and after shots that I am sure we would be proud of showing off if we can stick it through.

***Oh and you should have at least 40 lbs minimum to lose...and if you are one of those ladies that have only 40 lbs to lose and get to your goal before will be up to you to keep it off until then...

WE can do it all by the BMI index per person...each person is different so it wont all be based on solely  numbers on the scale:)

Anyways, let me know cause if there is an actual interest I will make some calls to see who can measure us all and get us the exact numbers we need to get started! Not much time here to work with roughly 9 days left before I get the word out if you or perhaps you know of someone who would like to hop on this train! Either way its going full speed ahead even if I am the solo rider!

Cheers Rosy
email me in confidence if you are considering at
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