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Anxiety Caused by Self-Evaluation Leads to Difficulty Losing Weight

Posted Sep 26 2013 5:05pm
by Maria's Last Diet

There is self-evaluation in every endeavor. Did you do it right? Did you do it well? What should you have done differently? This is true of the weight loss process too. You will evaluate how well or how poorly you carry out your day-to-day weight loss routine and how efficiently you address any obstacles that make it difficult for you to lose weight.

Where there is self-evaluation there is evaluation anxiety. Everyone has had experience with evaluation anxiety at some time in her life. You probably know it best as anxiety that comes when you are faced with another person or other people judging your performance. It is anxiety that is specific to certain situations, like a math test or public speaking or a sporting event. In the case of weight loss, you are usually facing yourself, and you are the judge of how you are doing. It’s your own evaluation of your “performance” that makes you anxious: “I know I won’t do well.” “I really messed up at breakfast.” “She didn’t praise me and I went right to food.”

One of the serious consequences of your evaluation anxiety is that it affects your self-confidence. Your anxiety can make you lose confidence and you end up not being able to do the week’s weight loss activities the way you wanted to. Another possible consequence of evaluation anxiety is that you might try to protect your self-confidence by avoiding or procrastinating instead of taking a weight loss step. Or, instead of avoiding, you might reduce your effort so you can say to yourself, “I didn’t try, that’s why I didn’t make it.” In this way, you keep your self-confidence because you didn’t fail. You didn’t really try.

Since self-evaluation is a necessary component of any endeavor, including the weight loss process, you can figure that evaluation anxiety will be part of the process as well. To maintain your self-confidence, it’s best if you devote a part of your weight loss effort to dealing directly with your evaluative anxiety. See what about your performance is causing you to be anxious and see what you can do about it.

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