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Another week passed, and somehow even though it was a crappy one...I still lost weight??

Posted Oct 22 2011 3:07pm
Hey everyone. Thought I would come on and blog this afternoon. The past week was a tough one for me. I have no idea why but have been dealing with feeling anxious here and there. Just seemed to come on like that, and something I had to deal with since. I am only assuming that for some reason the pressure of going to the gym everyday/morning, doing Visalus, dealing with my 4 month old, not to mention my other 3 rugrats and a hubby working nights and the pressure of going public once again with this weightloss journey just all took a really big hit on me! And not to mention a really unexpected one at that! I was on a good role, and I was so excited and pumped and ready to rock it...and from the moment I felt that anxiety one morning at the gym it just seemed to go down hill for me from then.

So this past week I have been far from perfect as far as my eating. If anything I just pretty much ate when I was hungry..didnt count points and completely did not even take my Visalus shakes. When feeling like that, you just get all freaked out and wonder what is it that is making "me" feel like that and you just naturally start to elliminate things in general hoping to find the answer. Lets just say I have replaced all that with alot of chamamile tea. I dont believe it was the Visalus...but I just needed to drop it for now for the mental thought of being "cleared" of everything and anything that may have helped me or contributed to that "anxious" place i found myself in, in order to regain my focus and rid me that feeling.

Anyways, as far as weightwatchers, I didnt even go to my meeting on Wednesday...this was also because Zack my 4 month old was STILL struggling with a cold. Wasnt feeling really well. Its so hard on little ones cause they dont blow their noses, so the only way to really get that "stuff" out of them as far as congestion is either if their noses drain themselves..or coughing until they vomit it out. little guy is a tropper and has refused to he will instead cough till he almost does..and then ..NOTHING.
Man! So he has had it now for pretty much almost 2 weeks. Doesnt seem as bad but still goes into these coughing fits. But I think he is getting slowly better.

This morning I thought, I really should go for that weigh in! I may not have time for the meeting but that weigh in I am suppose to do once a week! I really didnt want to go thinking that I had gained probably 3 lbs over this week alone but I also didnt want to get into a routine that if I have a bad week I just wont go in a ways to avoid it (its better to face things then to run away from them)...

So when I got there this morning, I made sure not to eat a single THING since waking up! Only water..and not a hell of alot of it. It didnt help that last night we had PIZZA for dinner. Oh boy I just had thoughts about the carbs were going to kill me from last night on that scale!!!
Before getting on I was telling the lady "look I have had a really bad week and i know i gained"..but once I stepped on she said "oh wait a minute" you actually LOST 1.5 lbs...thats not a bad week in my books! I was like WHAT?? I responded..are you sure you dont want me getting on the other scale I usually get on? She laughed and said no they are all the same! Ah ok.
So I may have not made that 5 lb sticker but just the fact I was able to lose anyways...I was really happy with that. So today I am just eating whatever and hope to have a really good week starting tommorow to hopefully HOPEFULLY get that 5lb sticker by next week so that I can take a pic of it and post it! Through thick or thin....come hell or high water I want to get to my goal. Even if it means at a slower pace, I dont care. I want to get there no matter what!

I also ordered a few workout dvd's online this morning. The old TONY LITTLE hips buttocks and thighs (3 workout dvd's that I loved that are old but were marvelous and make you so tight and legs sooo hard) It comes with one for your hips buttocks and thighs, one for your abs, and one for a whole body workout/tone up....and I also ordered that 5 mile walk DVD by leslie sansone. I figured with it starting to get colder out, I wanted to start having a collection at home for winter. And something I can do as soon as I wake up in the morning here at my own home especially on days I cannot get to the gym or feeling not so great like the last week I had to get myself I have no excuses as far as exercise! For now those two will have to do but I am sure I will continue to buy different ones as I go on. I bought them on amazon..and the Tony little ones I had to buy through the "states" website..but I liked them that much that I thought it would be worth it!

So thats pretty much it. I am feeling more better then not these last few days. I think it will just take time, and me just taking a step back out of the "limelight" and doing this for myself without the extra pressure that might end up throwing me off again. I have to give a big thanks to the ladies who I wrote on my private facebook support group for just being so supportive and understanding because of this set back I have had. I felt so horrible because I was so hyped in doing this full force and getting it out there to motivate them..and then that all came to a crash. But I really hope they continue on doing really well and I am so proud of them so far, as even I plan on still keeping it going all the way to 150lbs even if I need to do it more privately. But in the end my health and family will always come first. Blogging will not help me if I am sick and will for sure not help my kids if I am not here feeling well. So its important to remember that always and to make the adjustments that might be needed as you go along from time to time depending on where you are at but to NEVER completely give up.

Thanks so much for reading. So as a summary for everyone since incorporating weight watchers I am shocked but happy to say that despite how I have been feeling,  I have managed to lose 4 lbs since October 8th which was exactly 2 weeks ago today since I joined!  So thats great! Will continue to keep ya'll posted!
Have a wonderful weekend! And I personally have a GREAT SMELLING Roast in the crockpot that I will be eating tonight as a way to celebrate this loss and will be enjoying some treats as well before I start fresh tommorow morning!! Cant wait to get my DVD's especially my Tony little ones!

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