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Another Quick Healthy Dinner For Busy People

Posted Dec 09 2010 5:57pm

Everyone’s busy right?

I know I am and I know that you are.

That’s why I like to break down the excuses that busy people have when they are supposed to be on a healthy eating plan as part of their fat loss mission.

How many times have you said, or heard people say “I’m too busy to eat healthy” or “I don’t have time to cook after running around after kids and a busy day at work”.

If I had a dollar for this I’d be bathing in Moet each night!

Anyway, here’s another great excuse breaker that will give you that quick healthy dinner option in less than 10 minutes.

This is another delicious meal I whipped up recently when I wanted a healthy meal and not waste one of my cheat meals.

As always, the quantity of food will depend on how many people you are cooking for so you can pick this – remember if there are left overs you don’t have to polish them off in the same sitting – what to have for lunch the next day will be solved if there’s anything left!

Simply grill a chicken breast and to stop it from being the same old boring piece of chicken breast I added some Lime and Chilli seasoning.

While the chicken is grilling, I washed some Baby Spinach, cut up some carrots, red capsicum and avocado.

When they were all chopped up I simply tossed them all in a serving bowl and served it up.

How easy is that?

I added some mustard to add some seasoning but only because I didn’t have a fresh lemon handy. Squeezing some fresh lemon juice over the top would’ve been an awesome addition.

All you have to do is drop the excuse that you are too busy to eat healthy and you will be well on the road to weight loss success and the fat loss results that you deserve.

The other great thing about this meal, along with all the meals that I whip up is that they are all gluten free meals.

Wheat is the number one thing that is going to effect your fat loss results. Trust me. Cut the wheat and watch your weight loss success soar.

So even people who are gluten intolerant or coeliacs can benefit from my healthy eating plans.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much does it?

Check it out and let me know how it tastes.

For more gluten-free dinner ideas visit The Gluten-Free Homemaker

 Another Quick Healthy Dinner For Busy People

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