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Another milestone to talk about...Monkey see Monkey do:-)

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:50pm
Hey blogger friends...had to come on tonight cause today was an interesting sort of day at the gym. Sometimes when I least expect it my body will surprise even me!

About 3 weeks ago, I was at Free Form Fitness with the owner Chelsea, and together we tried to have me do a chin up....NO WAY.. wasn't going to happen!

Although I really tried...I never realized how "tough" doing a chin up was. It might look easy, not to mention make someone look really physically strong, especially watching a woman do that, but man..I could only get my body perhaps half way up to the bar if that. story all together!!
I went over to try it out, and to my surprise...I am pleased to say...up up I went like a monkey swinging in his glory.. ok maybe not swinging.. lol...
but I managed to lift my body, and get my chin right up and even over the actual bar!! Wow I thought! This is GREAT!! I had such a permanent smile on my face. It was the best feeling in the world.

Couldn't do anymore of course, but the fact that I was able to do even "one" just shows that no matter what that scale might read, I know for a fact I must be getting down in weight (or leaner)and that my arm strength must be building at a rapid pace now.

You know, I think that was something I just needed today. By physically being able to do that, just reminded me that its actually "not too late" for me, and that I really believe in my heart, that I can get to my goal of 125lbs in just 35 days!!
That's right 35 days...almost hard to believe I am writing that now. Never mind counting weeks I am going to start counting days down;-)

After my latest splurge on Saturday, I have managed to once again get myself back on track and focused, and I believe I am now on my way. A little screw up will not kill the determination that I have inside me right now. That determination is probably at this point stronger than ever.

I made a promise to my trainer that for these next 35 days I WILL NOT screw up again, and its going to be perfect from here on in. Whatever the numbers will reveal at the end, so be it. But I am not going down without a fight!

Even though Thanksgiving is coming and Halloween...where all the chocolates will be all over the place and the thought of a nice fresh " kitkat" chocolate bar will be killing me inside to have, I will not go down! I will not get weak!

I just made sure to tell my trainer, that November 12 th, together we are eating alot of chocolate;)
SO we made a date! I guess its a done deal!

But you know, even though my actual transformation project will be considered done in November, I will still for the few months afterwards be trying to fix up any extra stuff I might want done until January's edition with the sun when we will be on the front cover for the very last time. January 1st or 2 nd ( not sure which exact date yet). One of those days, you and the Ottawa Sun's readers, will see me for the final last time, before I say my farewells to everyone. Leaving behind I would hope a story that most people will remember. A woman who made a promise, and kept it!

So although excited about reaching November, after that, its all about extra toning my job will not be completely finished. I would imagine a little easier because at 125lbs, not much fat will be left on me, so the muscle part should look alot more defined if anything.

I am so excited to see what I am going to look like! This is going to be very interesting. I smile when I say that because just like yourselves its going to be a surprise I think even for me as I see my picture in the Sun that day.

Anyway just thought I would come on and tell ya about the Chin up today. I think Chelsea will be really happy that I was able to do one, cause as she told me, once you do one, then more will follow and get easier...and you can bet now, that is what I am aiming for! Every workout I have I will take a moment to attempt to do another...and another...
hmmm...wonder how many I will be able to do after 5 weeks?? smiles

Have a great night everyone, and it was GREAT seeing you at the gym today Jay!!
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