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Another Carlene Review and DVD Giveaway!

Posted Jan 10 2011 8:03am
My daughter, Carlene, is back with another exercise DVD review! And can I just say how terribly proud I am of this girl (even if she can't dance...LOL). *tear* She's a good kid. And gettin' buff, too! Go Carlene!

OK, I'll shut up now and let her take over.

Happy January, everyone!

Like many of you, I’m enthusiastically starting 2011 with weight loss and fitness goals. During the past few years, my eating has been very lax. It’s not that I indulged in high calorie foods all the time, but it was enough to gain about 20 pounds since 2006. And honestly, I just don’t feel the way I use to. Friends and family tell me that I wear it well and that the weight gain is hard to notice, but the scale doesn’t lie, and I can’t continue to ignore this “sluggish” feeling I have. So, beginning on January 1st, I joined Weight Watchers online. I am only nine days into the program, and already I feel so much better. I’m still enjoying the foods I loved before, but this time I understand portion control. When I see the numbers in front of me, it is much easier to make healthier choices. My goal is to lose about 30 pounds this year, and with the right tools, I know I can do it.

So today I’m reviewing Julianne Hough’s workout DVD, “ Dance with Julianne, Just Dance !” In my other reviews, I’ve openly admitted that I lack the dancing gene. It’s funny, I can read and play music and keep a beat, but when that beat translates into moving my body, I’m a fumbling, comical mess. Sadly, this DVD, while fun and energetic, left me with two left feet. But I don’t want anyone to feel that this DVD is impossible. If you like to dance, then this would be a great workout for you.

Julianne divides her workout into three sections: Work it!, Flaunt it!, and Pump It! All are equal in intensity, and all focus on working the whole body, particularly the core. Even if you can’t dance (like me!), Julianne has a separate section devoted to slowly learning the moves. If I had more time with this DVD to learn the moves, it might still look funny, but I could definitely get a great cardio workout.

So don’t be afraid. Put your name into the hat and have some fun with this workout! Leave a comment or send an email to my mom at . She'll draw a winner on Thursday. Good luck!
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