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And for some great news…

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:04pm


I have spoken much about the impending doom that is my 5K. I shall refer to it as the D5K. It is all that was Y2K if it actually came to fruition. I expect massive shutdowns of bodily functions followed by anger and outrage from both hemispheres of my brain. Once the chaos ensues, I just expect to implode. Quite an eventful weekend, I must say.

To be true I have been very worried about the 5K. Being a 330 pound man, gravity doesn’t like speed. I know I am going to move slow and my first goal was to not come in last. Then I started jogging and got up to about a 15 minute mile. My new goal was to finish the 5K in 45 minutes or less. That will still be my goal, but I hope to finish it much faster than that.

Today, I did my first (and only) 5K practice run before this weekend.  Many MANY people have told me to rest before the weekend.  If my body is any indication of what they are saying, I believe them.  The great part is I DID IT.  I ran the entire 3.1 (Actually 3.125) miles today.  Well, I moved that far… not running the entire time, but still I ACCOMPLISHED something I didn’t think I could do.  And I know… I KNOW this weekend will be awesome.  I will be able to do it with many of my friends with me and my family watching.  An exciting day to be sure.  And the drum roll please ……………….

My overall time for the 5K this morning was 36 minutes and 49 seconds.  WAHOOOOOOOOO.  That is actually a little less that 12 minutes a mile since I ran a weee bit extra.

Now comes the boring part.  I wanted to list my lap times and overall time.  You don’t have to read this unless you are very interested in it.  I ran on an 1/8 mile track, so I ran 25 Laps.  The lap times were as follows:

From (Based upon Sportline Chrono)

Done on 2009-10-14

3.12 Mi00:36:4911:48 Min/Mi
1 X0.125@ 00:01:20
1 X0.125@ 00:01:30
1 X0.125@ 00:01:44
1 X0.125@ 00:01:11
1 X0.125@ 00:01:12
1 X0.125@ 00:01:45
1 X0.125@ 00:01:15
1 X0.125@ 00:01:25
1 X0.125@ 00:01:11
1 X0.125@ 00:01:45
1 X0.125@ 00:01:10
1 X0.125@ 00:01:47
1 X0.125@ 00:01:15
1 X0.125@ 00:01:43
1 X0.125@ 00:01:09
1 X0.125@ 00:01:44
1 X0.125@ 00:01:26
1 X0.125@ 00:01:47
1 X0.125@ 00:01:15
1 X0.125@ 00:01:46
1 X0.125@ 00:01:32
1 X0.125@ 00:01:28
1 X0.125@ 00:01:51
1 X0.125@ 00:01:14
1 X0.125@ 00:01:24
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