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An Overweight Woman has Two Sides to her Thinking

Posted Aug 14 2009 5:41pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

Let' s say you want to lose weight. Let' s say there' s this other side of you that doesn' t want to. And let' s begin by getting some basic understanding of the other side' s position.

Maybe that side of you grasps what extra eating and extra weight do for you. Maybe that part of you also wants to shield you from doing something hard, like duty.

The part of you that does want to lose weight and the part that doesn' t probably have a shared goal: you feeling good.

So, if that sounds reasonable to you, maybe both ideas can come together in a way that lets you feel good, but not by staying overweight, which also may make you feel bad.

So, back to understanding the side of you that may want to hold onto the extra weight; think about why:

  • Does it protect you in some way?
  • Does eating reduce your anxiety?
  • Does eating keep your stress level down?
  • Does extra weight give you an excuse to not move forward in n area of your life - professional or personal?
  • Does being overweight give you a sense that you' re substantial?
  • Does eating too much reward you?

Maybe you find some reasons here you can relate to, maybe not. But if not, you surely have some of your own reasons.

The point is, the more you can understand about the part of you that doesn' t want to lose the weight - the more you understand what you gain from the eating and the weight - the more likely you are to be able to give it up. Because those things that a weight/eating problem does for you on the positive side - those things can be gotten in other ways, in much better ways.

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