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An Overproductive Sensational Sunday in Pictures.

Posted Feb 13 2011 10:56pm

This may be the most productive Sunday EVER even though we are no where close to being done. It was full blown nursery furniture day. The poor husband has JUST finished cleaning up the boxes and tools while I folded the rest of the laundry and it’s 10:30!

I need sleep something fierce so I’m going to give a super quick summary using the pictures I snapped today. Then I’m OUT!

UGH! and the Dryer is beeping at me right now! I can hear it all the way from downstairs which is fitting as this is how I started my day.

LAUNDRY! The bane of my existence.

Once it was started Little Man and I doodled

and played.

Then we pulled out the camera and made our first over stop motion animation! Click here to check it out on Poop Butterflies . We had a blast!

Once the husband got up we made a big egg breakfast. The husband? Over easy. The Little Guy? A plain omelet. Me? A veggie filled one.

Of course I tacked on a grapefruit and Little Man had a pear as well. :)

After breakfast the building began while I cleaned the kitchen.

I must admit I snuck a break and indulged a bit in my new obsession.

This chocolate is AMAZING! Best part… it only takes a half of bar for total satisfaction.

The rest of the morning was spent straightening up and showering before we headed to iKea to pick up the pieces we picked out yesterday.

We got back and made lunch–a mixture of leftovers and sandwiches. I whipped together this and can’t wait to share on GreenLiteBites!

Avocado, turkey, roasted peppers, bacon bits and some chipotle Laughing Cow. It was divine!

Then it was back the nursery! While hubby put together the furniture I hung the pictures. We finally decided on a theme!

Space! We have planets, moons, stars and rocket ships! The nursery is orange with navy blue accents. I LOVE it!

Ryan and I left Dad to get some work done for school. Someone is practicing counting to 100 by 10s. As you can see we chose lollipops. Leftover from Halloween–if you believe it!

After homework we left Dad like this…

and headed to the grocery store. On the way home, I must confess we hit fast food for dinner.

It was already after 7PM and I could not fathom making anything and dirtying up the kitchen. It was barley clean in the first place and we were no where near done with day.

There’s no guilt here.

I had a grilled chicken sandwich, split fries with the family and stole one of the kids nuggets. My normal fast food fair. :)

After dinner we got little man to bed, the husband finished up what he could in the nursery and I folded the laundry after making lunch for school tomorrow while watching the end of the Grammy’s.

Could I have jammed more into that sentence? lol

Right now I’m staying up too late watching It’s Complicated
with the husband and totally cracking UP! Perfect ending to the very productive day.

Ok, must sleep.

If you are not reading this on Roni's Weigh OR your RSS reader then it has been plagiarized!

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