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An oral medication, meridia is p...

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:38pm

An oral medication, meridia is prescribed for people who need to lose weight. This applies to obese and overweight people who have body mass indexes higher than 30 or in some cases, 27. A doctor should evaluate a person’s body mass index. If certain standards are met, a suitable dosage will be prescribed.

Meridia is also a temporary supplement to exercise and diet for people who are being treated for obesity as well as those who want to lose or maintain their weight.


Meridia comes in three capsules with varying strengths. The daily dosage of Meridia will be determined by a doctor. Usually, the starting dose is 10 mg. When taking Meridia, it is always important to follow the directions of a doctor. Taking a high dosage of Meridia can have potential health risks. Moreover, it is not advisable to double the intake when a dose is missed.


The weight loss effect of Meridia can differ from one person to another. During the first month, more than four pounds can be lost. If you have not lost four pounds, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Re-evaluation is needed, and you may need to change your daily intake. During the first month until the sixth, significant weight loss can be achieved. Those who continue to take meridia can maintain their weight for a long time.


Those who take a 10 mg capsule daily, the average weight lost is 10 lbs, while those who take a 15 mg capsule every day can lose 14 lbs. Those who take decreased calorie diets only lose 3 and a half pounds on an average. Meridia intake is combined with a healthy calorie diet and physical exercise to achieve significant weight loss.


People who should not take Meridia include pregnant women, those that have kidney damage, liver disease, heart ailments, prior strokes, thyroid disorders, and those who are taking prescription medicines and appetite suppressants.

Always provide your other prescription medications to a doctor because you may present allergies and reactions to meridia. It is also important to tell your medical history to a doctor. If you experience any effects after taking meridia, contact a doctor immediately. Stop your meridia intake if you experience angina, chest pain, light-headedness, anxiety, nausea, and other symptoms.


Meridia capsules should be kept at room temperature. These should not be stored at hot places or in areas that can be reached by children. Take a child to a doctor immediately if a meridia capsule is swallowed.

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