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An Introduction to Shellie Blanks Cimarosti ... Interview will be posted on Wednesday!!

Posted Mar 10 2009 12:00am

Shellie Blanks Cimarosti is not only Billy Blanks' daughter but has been at his right hand side from the creation of Tae Bo® Fitness. Her knowledge, dedication & guidance has been nothing but an asset for the continued growth and instruction of this intoxicating fitness regimen. Her humble beginnings, being brought up in the projects of Erie, Pennsylvania, to her current residence in the Los Angeles area, is a storybook fantasy in itself.

Before starring as the original Yellow Power Ranger (fighting/stunts), modeling in a number of Fitness Magazines, starring in a Tae Bo® Fitness Subway commercial campaign and having appeared on many TV spots, such as “Opera”, “Montell Williams” & “The Parkers” hit television shows, she put in plenty of time working toward her mastery of Martial Arts. Training began at a young age of 2 years old and at 14, she won the Jiu Jitsu World Championships and a Gold Medal at the Junior Olympics for Full Contact Sparring. Currently, she is in a select club, only a few, dedicated women have attained, by acquiring a 6th Degree Black Belt in the Martial Art discipline of Tae Kwon Do.

At age 9 she and her family moved to Boston, Massachusetts, which would explain her fanaticism toward the Boston Red Socks & the New England Patriots. Los Angeles eventually became home another 6 years later where she has continued to foster her career as a personal trainer, Tae Kwon Do & Tae Bo® Fitness instructor to many. The long list includes business executives, professional athletes and celebrities such as: Shaquille O'Neal, Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson, Brooke Shields, Robert Downy Jr, Queen Latifah, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Jessica Alba, Goldie Hawn, Jessica Biel, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra, Lisa Marie Presley, Slash (Gun n Roses), Jordon Knight (NKOTB), Ricky Bell (BBD), Anna Nicole Smith, Denise Richards, David Alan Grier, Mr T, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bette Midler, Ryan O'Neal, Mo'Nique, James Toney (Boxing Champion), Kris Jenner, Rodney Pete (Pro Footbal), & David Hasselhoff.

Shellie travels internationally training, instructing and demonstrating the world-renowned fitness technique of Tae Bo®, created by her father, Billy Blanks. One of her greatest enjoyments of spreading the goodwill of Tae Bo® Fitness has been traveling overseas to work with members of the U.S. Armed Forces in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Spain, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sarajevo, Greece, Africa, Germany, Italy and many location throughout the United States. While home, she focuses her efforts on Tae Bo® Fitness by running the certification camp (, adding content on the web club at and spear heading creative ways of bringing Tae Bo® Fitness to the next level. Shellie's philosophy of “giving back” is quite evident in many areas of her life. She sits on the Board of Directors, for The Billy Blanks Foundation, as well as, assisting her Mom, Gayle Blanks, with their on going philanthropic effort,“The Greater Love Campaign”, in which they send care packages to our brave men & women in the US Armed Forces overseas.

Shellie thanks God everyday for her husband, Mark John Cimarosti, their two sons, Rocco John & Titus John. In addition, they have three dogs. A toy Yorkie named Foxie who weighs 3.5 lbs and two 100lb. black labs, named Champ & Jaz, and not to forget their betta fish named “Fishy”. Her greatest joy lies in expressing her love for the Lord and assisting others in achieving their dreams. Shellie says, "It makes me happy to help people reach their goals and make a life change. It inspires me to see people happy and loving one another." For a fun, relaxing time, Shellie enjoys cheering on her New England Patriots against her husbands, Dallas Cowboys. “I have to admit”, Shellie says, “When the Patriots lost the Super Bowl and failed to complete their incredible 19-0 season, I cried, my husband laughed,...., right before he cried,....,when I kicked him in the shin”.

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