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Amy’s Weekly Challenge: Recipe Revamp – Chicken Fingers & Fries

Posted Jul 04 2009 10:13pm

image Okay challengers, this is it, this is Amy’s first weekly challenge and her challenge to us this week is to revamp a recipe to make it healthier.  Easy peasy!  We all live for this stuff, right?!!

So I thought I would share my revamp of chicken fingers & fries that I make for hubby all of the time.  It’s the only healthier version recipe that he never puts up a fuss about.  (If it’s hubby approved people, you know it’s good)

The secret to breading meat or fish is to have three dipping stations:

  1. The first dry dip (to give the egg something to stick to)
  2. The egg coating dip (to give the crunchy dip something to stick to)
  3. The outer crunchy dip (the good part)


(As you can see from the box in the background, I’m still not completely unpacked.  That box is full of cookbooks that have no home in our new kitchen (because there are so many!), so they are sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for hubby’s help to go downstairs!)


1.  The “dry dip” (which is the first dipping station for your chicken breast) consisted of whole wheat flour, psyllium husks, flax meal & S&P.  I didn’t measure, just a little of this and a little of that.





2. The second dipping station after the dry drip is the “egg coating dip” and rather than using whole eggs, two egg whites do the trick just fine.




3. And the third and final dipping station, the “outer crunchy dip” consisted of lots of healthy ingredients that make these chicken strips just as satisfyingly crunchy as if they were deep-fried: one organic whole grain Wheetabix biscuit crumbled, panko crumbs (or regular bread crumbs), Salba (more on this later in the week), light grated parmesan cheese, S&P:

Dipping each piece of boneless skinless chicken into the three dipping stages ensures a crunchy coating! (Before bake):


After bake with sweet potato fries:


These are soooo goood! 


And you can dip ‘em in whatever you like.  One of our favourites is Kraft Calorie Wise Three Cheese Ranch dressing, but ketchup or buffalo wing sauce (plus the 3 cheese ranch = awesome).

Since I didn’t measure the ingredients, I don’t have the NI specs for you, but rest assured they are a majorly a healthier choice than out of a frozen foods box or worse, straight out of the deep-fryer!


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