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Amputation Diet

Posted by LucyK



I found this on and though I don't recommend it I thought it was rather funny and definitely provides instant gratification. The literal approach? Amputate an arm or leg, of course, but here are a few other ways to going about this diet:



Estimated Immediate Weight Loss

Clip finger and toenails

1 ounce maximum


2-6 ounces

Drastic Haircut / Headshave

4-12 ounces

Cut/Trim Hair

1 oz. (ladies) 3 oz. (men)

Remove a wart

1 oz.

Take a diuretic

1-3 pounds (temporary)

Take a laxative

1-2 pounds (temporary)

Colon Therapy / Enema

2-3 pounds (temporary)


0-2 pounds (temporary)

Run a marathon on a hot day

3 lbs (women), 5 lbs (men) (temporary)

Amputate your arm

10-25 lbs (way too permanent)

Amputate your leg

15-45 lbs (again, not advised)



Take a big pee.

up to 1.5 pounds

Take a big dump

up to 2.5 pounds

Go barefoot

1-2 pounds

Go Naked

1-8 pounds (summer vs. winter)

Contact lenses vs. Glasses

0.3 pounds

No liquids all day

1-2 pounds

No food all day

2-3 pounds

No salt all day

0-1 pound

Don't wear underwear

1 oz. (thong)-2 lbs. (granny panties)

Exfoliating face wash



10 lbs maximum per surgery

Donate a kidney

3 pounds.

Breast Reduction Surgery

5-15 pounds typically.

 *table courtesy of

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That's hilarious!
Hey PJ...which one are you most likely to try? ;-)

Don't think the breast reduction would do me much good...

 Funny stuff...

Way too funny and thanks for sharing ! !
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