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Amazing Tips to Quit Drinking Alcohol for Good

Posted Dec 16 2012 9:59am

Alcoholism Once you’ve started to drink alcohol and you may lose control over it, you may fall to Alcoholism and it is a bad situation. It may ruin your relationship with your families and friends, may affect your work performance, may alter your thinking skills and ability, may cause you to be physically weak, and worse is my cause death for alcohol intoxication.

Quitting from drinking alcohol is a very good decision since it may give you many good reasons and may improve your life in a better way. It could also give you many health benefits such as, it will help you manage your weight easily, prevent you from liver and kidney disease and even stroke.

However, some people just could not let alcohol away from their system because they are very dependent enough. It seems like alcohol is part of their daily routine and they think that they cannot handle if they cannot drink alcohol daily. But then they just don’t know that it is just all in the mind and here are some amazing tips on how they can control themselves in drinking alcohol:

  • Be cautious enough where you go. Go to a place where there is alcohol-free like coffee shops and tea shops. Divert yourself to a healthier options instead. Don’t go to places like clubs because surely you will force to drink because everybody is doing it. Plus your friends are there who will influence you. So, avoid this kind of place already.
  • Taper down. In stopping from drinking alcohol, quitting instantly will never be effective. Instead taper down the number of bottles each day up to the point you will get to “no alcohol” level. This may be very hard at first because your body is adjusting but then, if you do it with perseverance and for the sake of your health, it will really be possible.
  • Learn to say “NO”. One big factor in alcoholism is peer pressure. Learn to say “NO” also to your friends because you prioritize your health rather than drinking with them because it will not give you any good effect. Lying is bad but it is also acceptable if we have white lies for our own good.
  • Divert your activities. Researchers said that people become alcoholics because they have nothing to do. They resort to drinking. So, one way to avoid drinking is to become physically active. Schedule yourself to have a morning run in your village or hit the gym in the afternoon. At least in this way, you contribute something good to your health.
  • Avoid temptations. Temptations such as your friends most especially on special occasions. This is a very hard situation since it is very embarrassing to put them down. However, you should stand your ground in quitting. Have a glass of wine instead.

Being an alcoholic can cause many problems. It could break a family in some cases. I know you encounter it to your relatives and friends so, learn from their experiences and have it as an eye-opener for you.

  “Lying is like alcoholism; you are always recovering.”

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