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Am I a role model?

Posted Aug 22 2010 3:47pm

Woke up to a rainy, rainy morning.  That meant no biking for bagels today.  I do have my limits.  :D   We drove to Panera where I had a blueberry bagel.

This is why I don’t like Panera coffee:

Every time this happens to me.  John and I will get coffee from the same urn and my cup will have grounds – his won’t.  What is up with that?

Anyway, my mom called on her way out of church and stopped in to Panera and we chatted for a while.  That was fun!  Then is was grocery shopping and time to work once again.

Stubby was back today.

He looks like a rabbit when he runs.

I did stop for lunch with leftovers of the chickpea masala thing I made on Friday tucked into a wrap and put in the GT express.  Quite tasty.

Mz. Fit wrote a post the other day about whether bloggers are role models .  I really thought a lot about that and why I blog.  I started this blog for myself a few years ago, and never really thought I would get any readers at all.  It has changed quite a bit over the years, from strictly a weight loss blog to more of a lifestyle blog.  One thing that I noticed is that there are a ton of weight loss blogs on the internets, but very few in the maintenance phase.

I think more people who are maintaining need to keep up their blogs so we can see what it is like on a daily basis for someone to keep the weight off.   Not as role models, but as a glimpse into reality.  I know that there are people who look at my blog and see ice cream or cupcakes and think it is not really a healthy living blog or that I might be setting a bad example (like dangling said cupcake in front of someone who is restricting themselves from that).  Honestly, I am just living my life making choices that make me happy and allow me to maintain my weight loss.  I know that I weigh more than I probably *could* weigh if I put my mind to it.  However, I seem to be able to maintain the weight I am at and enjoy eating foods.  I don’t know if I want to bother doing something that would likely cause me to be unhappy to lose more weight (or stay unhappy trying to keep it off).  I have a good relationship with food now and no fear of eating.  That is huge.

I don’t know as I consider myself a role model.  I am not really striving to be one, but I do like to show that you can maintain weight loss.  I don’t know if I would tell someone to do exactly as I do because who knows if they would be successful or not?  Should I not post about eating cupcakes and enjoying them because that is not what a “healthy blogger” does?  Or is it something that a healthy blogger does do?  I read some blogs and they will state “please don’t hate me” and then talk about something they ate like it is a sin or something.  I don’t believe one should apologize for how they live their lives.  Of course if you post it, the whole world has the opportunity to …. shall we say…. critique your style of living, but does owning a blog require you to be a role model or censor yourself for your readers?  And is it different if you have 100 readers versus 10,000 readers?

I look to a lot of other bloggers for inspiration, ideas, and thoughts.  Sometimes just for kinship to know that others go through the same things that I do.  Anyhoo, that is just something I have been chewing on… haha.

Snack time!  John made up lattes with some chocolate syrup on top that he made last night.

I loves a man who cooks….  Granola bar on the side.

Nice ingredient list.

I should just make the darn thing myself – I have all those ingredients.

When work slowed down this afternoon, I set to making some jam for an exchange.  I did a rhubarb ginger to start.

It was actually fun.  I’ve made jam before, but never actually canned it.  I hope it preserves okay :shock:   Tastes pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.  (toast and jam picture not available&#8230winking

Dinner time included a ground pork burger.

I think I will just stick to this over ground beef.  It is very moist, and usually cheaper at the smokehouse as well.  Gotta love a bargain…

Since it rained out today and no biking, I am going to hit it old school with a DVD for exercise tonight!  It’s been months since I have done that.  Gotta dust of the Firm workouts :D

Question:  Do you censor your blog (or twitter, facebook, etc) at all?

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