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All The Beautiful + Thought-Provoking Things

Posted Mar 02 2014 12:26pm

When you stand in the light of your best self, and you shine that light into the world, sometimes you will hit dark corners. And in those corners or dark areas there will sometimes be some dark dwellers. Kind of like when you shine a light in a basement and critters run back into the darkness. This does not mean that your light was harmful, it means that your light was too bright for the dark dwelling critters.

When you shine your light and people self eject – as long as you shine your light in love and come from the best possible place – there is nothing for you to do but bless them, wish them the very best, and keep shining your light.

That does not mean that you chase them with your light, it means you just keep on going where you were going anyway. Your light is not harmful, but it will repel those who cannot stand in theirs.


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“Why are we not allowed to acknowledge childhood trauma…why are we not encouraged to heal from childhood trauma…?” ~ Liz Mullinar

Because we’re told we should  suck it up and get over it. Or because our there are some who can’t or don’t want to allow us to feel what we feel because they think it somehow reflects badly upon them, or it’s too painful for them. Or maybe we feel that the trauma we experienced “wasn’t that bad” compared to someone else.

Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, addiction, and more…we’re ALL on the continuum. And just because something went wrong, whether intentionally or not, it doesn’t mean we can’t heal…the human spirit is so resilient, given a little acknowledgement and compassion. 

This is the most important 8-ish minutes you can spend and it’s an excellent discussion about what trauma actually is.


“The body is not meant to be controlled. The body is meant to tell us what it needs and when.” ~ Lee Wolfe Blum

Because it’s a partnership, not a power struggle.



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