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Aggravating day...hope the stress doesn't make me not lose!

Posted Apr 20 2009 12:00am
That's my motto for today! er, i mean's 6 mins after midnite and i've never been soooooooooooo happy to say goodbye to a day as i am right now!
it started in the wee hours of the morn, which really is not unusual...hungry lil man woke up hungry, so i fed him...then at 5:30, he wakes up again but decides after he's eaten, that it's time to stay up....GREAT! (hear the sarcasm in that?)
so finally at 8:30 (after hubby has gotten up and gotten ready for work and left), lil man is hungry again just a lil and cranky and loud and TIRED!!!finally. back to bed we both go...i got in another hour of sleep before DD got up, bless her lil soul...she's so sweet when she first gets up. so up we get and get slowly going in our day...then lil man gets up around 10-10:30, but he's cranky pants...teething i think...i tried everything i knew to console...just not possible...finally at lunch he's in his jolly jumper and Dad comes home and he quiets down...whew, finally.
well, wouldn't you know that once dad leaves he starts up i figure that he's TIRED again and yeah, so off to nappy land he goes...meanwhile DD just wants sooooo badly to go outside and go to the park, but now i've got a sleeping baby....arrrrgh....she waits...we go after lil man gets up again...
but now it's getting later and later and silly me, doesn't take the double stroller...i took the single thinking DD is a big enough girl to walk, plus i want to tire her out too...bad idea...she loses it once i tell her we have to get going home to make supper...
also, all day i'm looking forward to my upcoming ball practice...i was sooooooo happy when i got asked to play again this year, cuz last year i couldn't cuz i was preggo and i missed it! i suck, but i love it, the team thing, getting outside, getting away from the kids, feeling somewhat young again in a healthy way, etc.
well, now i've consoled DD and we are finally walking home, get supper going and lil man starts to lose it biggie, he's hungry...i feed him, still crying, i rock him, still crying, i give him tylenol for teething pain, still crying.........arrrrrrrrrgh...i finally just leave him sittin on the floor with DD entertaining him so that i can at least get supper finished...and i totally botched supper...didn't have a reallly great plan, so i threw cut up meat, onions, mushrooms together...then i added cream cheese and sour cream to make some sort of messy dish and then i go to make rice....and that's where things got ugly....i didn't know i was low on minute rice and now i don't have time to make the long grain kind, so i figure i'll just cook the lil rice up in the big bowl of water i had it in and just drain it after it'scooked....ewwwwwwwww....don't do this EVER!!!
i wound up stopping...going to rock baby to sleep...and start's now after 6.
DH has called saying he would be home in time for me to get to ball practice at 6:30...tick tick tick...nothing....tick tick tick...i've now made a whole new supper of grilled meat, onions, gr pep and red make fajita's...tick tick tick...i eat the other stuff, and ewwwwwww...never again without a recipe!!!
finally i call DH at 6:37 and ask, should i just call someone to come and watch the kids, cuz i'm now, no, no...i'll be home in 15 mins...well, practice will be half over by then, nevermind...i'd rather miss a practice then a now i'm upset. i've been looking forward to this all day...dh said he would be home in plenty of time...why oh why couldn't he have just called to say, something came up i can't make it home on time, better get someone to watch the's now close to 7, i get lil girl's shoes and jacket on and take her outside to the backyard to play...supper is cooked and getting cold...finally dh gets home it's 7. i have a mini breakdown and wind up walking my bike to the gas station to fill the tires with air, then start to ride it to the ball diamond...oh yeah, i left my glove at home too...i am almost at the diamond now and pop, there goes my front tire...i rode the stupid bike for 3 minutes...great!
now i go see the girls practicing and say my apologies....and now i have to walk stupid bike home!!!!by the time i get back i'm calmed down enough to see the humour in my day....
oh...and i used up all my wp's that i had left...for pie and cookies!!!i deserved it i figure....and WI is tomorrow...i mean today.
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