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Again and Again

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:00am
It's not easy making the same mistakes over and over again. Imagine for a second that you are touching a heated stove top for the very first time. You learn that putting your hand on something hot is painful, yet you continue to burn yourself whenever you use a stove for the rest of your life. Is this...insanity? Maybe.

What about binging? You keep doing it, even though you know it makes you feel like crap. Your week starts off great, but by the time the weekend rolls around it's TGIPT (Thank God It's Pizza Time). Now, is this insanity?

No. It isn't. I've grown to accept that I will make some of the same shitty choices till the day I die. I will succumb to cookies during the holidays. I will go hogwild on buffalo wings on the rare occassion that I do get drunk. There will be days where I just want to take a break and go to Old Country Buffet.

The difference between someone who is successful and someone who fails though, is that the person who is successful simply makes less mistakes. You can't be perfect, but you can be damn close.

Speaking of perfect, here is my update for the perfect 10:

1. Lose 20 pounds by the end of the challenge (2 pounds a week for 10 weeks)
I am well on my way to getting this goal accomplished with a 3.5 pound loss this week.
2. Stop procrastinating
Still need to work hardcore on this. I seem to spend most of my time making lists instead of getting shit done.
3. Join a club
Haven't done this yet. Anyone know of a good baking club in the Minneapolis area?
4. Stop mumbling
Still do this all the time unfortunately. LOUD AND CLEAR is what I need to work on.
5. Improve my Chinese by reading a Taiwanese newspaper every other day
Have been working on my Chinese a lot this week, so I'm making some progress. Chinese is fucking hard =/.  
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