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After You Lose the Weight, Keep the Weight Off.

Posted Aug 02 2010 3:47am

by Maria's Last Diet

So you’ve lost the weight, and you are working at keeping it off this time. Do you have any strategies at hand for doing this?

Here’s a strategy you might find useful. It’s called “slipping back to old ways” rehearsal. Yes, you heard  right. You practice slipping back to your old ways, not when you’re in danger of slipping back, but at an earlier time when you are nowhere near danger.

The goal of this strategy is to prepare you for the inevitable slips that are always a part of maintaining weight loss. Rehearsing what it would be like equips you to deal with the real thing. You can rehearse various levels of slipping--from the very small slip to the bigger slips, from the short, one-time slip to continuing slips. You can also rehearse stopping the slip before it happens by interrupting the chain of events that lead you to slip in the first place.

Rehearsal will help you develop skills you can use later at a moment’s notice.

You can also enhance the value of rehearsals by making a script (of what you discovered and what you did about your discoveries). Hold on to this script. Carry it with you in your head to use when you need it.

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