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After a sound sleep last night, ...

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
After a sound sleep last night, we woke up to a dumping of mother nature. Luckily it turned out to be pretty decent for the rest of the day and not 10 more cm as they originally forecasted. Our original plans for today was to do go our for breakfast at Coras and get some shopping done and then I was going to meet Les for an afternoon of hanging out at Chapters/Starbucks lounging and browsing books and a gab session, but since no one was going anywhere until we unburried ourselves, hubby got to work on the driveway. Now, our driveway is not like most people's driveways. It's about 300 feet long and we got ALOT of snow last night. Thankfully we have our own Mr. Plow right here in our house and here is the sight of hubby getting to work with the plow on the ATV. Look how far he has to go:
It took him 5 hours to get it all done! I would have loved to be out there shovelling, but it was not a good idea having bronchitis, so I stayed inside and got to some housework. I wasn't even hungry when I woke up for breakfast for a while. My appetite hasn't been too bad lately. I got busy around the house and hubby came inside for a break and some Breakfast around 11 and that's when I had my oatmeal. This morning I decided that adding the chocolate chips gave it enough sweetness, so I left out the splenda brown sugar completely. I couldn't even notice a difference. OH and I added a green tea bag right IN the pot when it was cooking (thanks to an idea of Roni's for another oatmeal recipe). I thought I would give it a try because green tea really doesn't have a lot of flavour, so it couldn't hurt the oatmeal, all it might do is add some antioxitant goodness! I removed the tea bag as the consistency got thicker. As suspected, it didn't change the taste, but I likely got something good out of nutrient-wise if nothing else and with my coffee and cinnamon dolce syrup was a total of 8.5 POINTS:
Since breakfast was more like brunch, I didn't eat again until around 2:30, just tried to get as many of these in as possible (which really only ended up about 3):
But my afternoon Snack/Late Lunch was my new favourite "cheesecake" combo of Liberte Svelte No Fat Probiotic strawberry yogurt, cool whip, raspberries all mixed together, a tiny sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs on top and then sprinkled with Pom seeds, and a small clementine on the side for total of 3.5 POINTS:
By the time hubby came in from outside, the roads were in pretty good shape and he was up for hitting the town and getting going to Cosco and Zellers and he wanted to go out for supper, so we called MIL and asked her to come along with us. So we got our shopping done and it was great because what would have normally been a crazy Saturday afternoon shopping pre-xmas rush, no one was out and the weather was perfectly fine, so Cosco and Zellers was pretty empty which makes it soooooo much more enjoyable to take your time and browse. I wanted to go to Zellers to check out the Earth Chef cookware because I needed a new frying pan. I ended up getting one of these skillets, another tiny skillet, and one of these knives (two actually, because all knives were buy one get one free - yay!) and they were so cheap! I couldn't believe that you could buy earth-friendly cookware, that is supposed to be non-stick (I'll let ya know whether it is or not) and it be so cheap!
Anyway, so on our way to MIL's to pick her up, hubby was pretty much famished by then because he didn't have a snack or anything, so we stopped into a corner store to get him a drink and a Snack. He wanted chocolate. I wasn't hungry because I had just had my yogurt & fruit before we left, but I had one square of this Zero dark chocolate bar which was 2 POINTS:
So after we hit Costco, we went out for Supper at Swiss Chalet. I still had some Flex to play with. We all shared a garlic cheese loaf which I only had one little peice (about 1/4 of the loaf) which was 2.5 POINTS:
For my entree I chose to have the Chicken on a Kaiser with white meat for 9 POINTS with rice pilaf for my side for 5 POINTS:
And I decided that I would indulge for Dessert and hubby and I shared a peice of pecan pie. I LOOOOOVE pecan pie or butter pecan tarts! YUM! FRIG they are high in POINTS! One little slice is 12 POINTS and since I had half, it was 6 POINTS:
So this put my grand total for the day to be 36.5 POINTS! This used up all of my Flex and exceded it by 2.5. That's nothing to even flinch at especially because I hadn't sat down all day puttering around and getting housework done, so I'm sure I earned 2.5 POINTS somewhere in there. So I only have tomorrow to budget my day with no Flex, which isn't too bad at all.
So all in all, it was a good day and I feel like I had a successful dinner out. I didn't feel like I ordered something I didn't love to eat simply to save on calories, and I did have some yummy pecan pie!
So I'm off to unpack all the loot I got at Cosco - more to report later!
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