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After a 2 week break, this canadian woman hoping to inspire is back...!!

Posted Nov 22 2008 8:41pm
Hey there friends! Gosh its been a while! I have to appologize because i have been on this 2 week vacation from all this seriousness and even made time to put on a few lbs..smiles

Thats right.."I" ...the woman that hopes to inspire many can confess that I personally have been doing this 2 week binge and I have alot of work ahead of me now!

I suppose its ok when looking back at the hard year I have had, but now its time to get down to being serious once again. With my belly full, my sugar intake at the highest, reintroducing carbs in my its back to the harsh reality, that, I do have a photo that will be coming up in january and we wouldnt want me to be in one all bloated and such now would we??smiles

So, tommorow I will be starting back on my diet, to rid these extra lbs i put on in the last few weeks(even my pants are already tight), and I will be starting my new routine as well on Monday and will continue doing so for the next 5 weeks and a half until january 1st.

Believe it or not I have really missed my gym workouts. I miss walking in the gym feeling so strong and feeling so athletic. The only thing that will be tough is the dieting again. Mentally its going to be even more difficult because of the fact I have basically allowed myself to let in all those terrible TERRIBLE foods, and now will have to deal with the cravings full force! Ah man, the things we do to ourselves. Well the only thing we can do is to get up, brush off, and get going! It is never the end of the world unless we make it that.

But I will say that the last few weeks, I have been going into lazy mode, I have been actually feeling like napping where I NEVER did before, been edgy, its amazing how what the opposite of eating healthy can reflect the way the body works. These last 2weeks have also reminded me as well why so many of us eat the way we do. Its so convenient, and cheap and easy! smiles

Isnt that so true?? I mean these last few weeks, since i wasnt concentrating on making my own foods or measuring was so damn easy to walk into any store and say i want this, i want the prices of these foods so cheap..and they are everywhere talk about making it simple for us when we want to destroy our bodies.

well, I guess I got a glimpse of how hard the maintanance part will be for me later after January. I have a feeling I will be playing with my numbers all the time, up 10lbs down ten lbs..up ten down i better get used to it. It will be a struggle for the rest of my life i suppose. But just like this transformation I will have to just take it one day at a time friends.

Anyhow just to let you know I am back, and ready to get going on my next goal, to make it through till January 1st to get the best possible photos ever for the finale of this personal journey(where the Ottawa Sun newspaper is concerned).

Also just an update that we are still working with the publisher regarding our book. Slowly but surely its coming along. I am sure many of you will find this book really helpful for yourselves.

Rob is submitting some of his best diets in there, so basically you will have a few to choose from, not to mention for just a fraction of what he charges for just one of his thats good..and you will have my blogs to help keep you inspired!

Life has been real busy for me as you can imagine. We are also getting ready to be guests at the Weightloss, nutrition and fitness expo here in Ottawa in January, and i have decided to enroll myself in a personal training certification that I can learn more about how to help others in more detail than just my own little story.

Well, we will talk soon friends! Hope you are all doing well! I am sure next week I might have some really bad blogs that I will be posting. I have already forwarned even co workers at work and friends to be ready and prepared cause i might just be in a bad mood monday and for the 1st week, while dealing with getting back on the ball. :-(

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