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ADJUST to Life’s Challenges to Achieve the Success You Deserve

Posted Aug 26 2008 3:52pm

This is a guest post by Matthew Perry from 3rd Chance Fitness .

Pregnant Woman's Belly

My wife said that painting her toes was starting to be a real bitch…

Well, by this picture I couldn’t disagree one bit…but it made me think of myself…That exercise right now was starting to be a real bitch. Now I know her challenge, she’s preggo! She was painting her toes whenever she felt like it. Now she paints her toes when she feels good, when the baby isn’t kicking too much, etc. etc. But she is still painting her toes, because it is important to her…

And exercise is important to me.

And her being pregnant is no excuse to let myself go. My mother in law said that I was going to gain weight just because my wife was pregnant…so I took that as a personal challenge to be in BETTER shape when he is born, compared to when he was conceived. And no it has not been easy, even being a “fitness nerd” my whole life, LIFE still gets in the way. If I am not in better shape, then so be it, but I will NOT be in worse!

So my challenge right now, the road block if you will, is that my wife is pregnant and life has been slowly changing, taking me out of my comfort zone and in turn challenging my eating habits and my exercise routine…So what do I do?

Just ADJUST to the situation, because you always have time to do what you want to do. Period.

I would NORMALLY exercise 5 days a week without fail with maybe a 6th day if I wanted to. I would NORMALLY do 30 minutes of weights and 30-45 minutes on the bike. And this is at my local health club. I would get up at 4:15am and be at the gym by 5, home by 6:30, at work by 7:30…Good grief just typing this out is making me tired.

I would NORMALLY go grocery shopping on Sunday and have my whole week of meals planned out, from my morning shake to my dinner and all the nutritional snacks in between.

And since I do not have the same time, I am ADJUSTING to it, not giving in to it, knowing that it will just get more challenging as time passes.

So now I have taken my exercise routine down to 3 days a week, what I would normally call my “beginners program”, and I also purchased an exercise bike to have at home. I ADJUSTED.

My meals are still planned out for the week, except now they are cooked all at once and frozen. I ADJUSTED.

So as this process of my little dude grows and soon will be a helpless creature in my hands, even more of my time will be donated…and I will ADJUST!

Making time to exercise is not easy, life isn’t easy, but your body must be exercised and fed good, nutritional things. YOU MUST ADJUST TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

So my question to you is, what is your road block and how are you adjusting? A little inspiration by you might just be what some stranger needs…

Cheers to your Health & Fitness!


Matthew Perry has been an avid health and fitness enthusiast his entire life. He worked for 8 years in the health club industry as part owner and manager of two successful health and fitness centers. This is where he honed his personal training skills and discovered his enthusiasm for helping people create healthier lives. His passion led him and his wife, Karen, to create and Muscle Memory™ whey protein powder, the first in a line of health and nutritional supplements.
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