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Adjust - and Keep the Weight Off

Posted Jul 24 2010 3:13am

Keeping the weight off requires you to make adjustments. There's nothing new here. We make adjustments all the time and think nothing of it. The shoes are laced too tightly, so we adjust the laces. Work has been getting us down, so we slow down the pace or we get more organized, or whatever it takes to restore the balance for us.

It's the same for maintaining your weight loss.

Do you know what adjustments you have to make to keep the weight off once you've lost it? Is it a simple as eating less after you've been overeating and gained some weight? The adjustment you can make here is smaller portions or going back to more diet-like food for a time.

You can, of course, make adjustments to your personal life that will help keep the weight off too. Maybe cut back on the socializing. Or, hang on to your positive feelings. Stay more in touch with what's good for you in your personal life.

Make the adjustments YOU need to make and watch the results.

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