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Posted by sy m.

Addiction was the one of the major problem for us. So we must try to control it.



Addiction Recovery Alabama

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Thanks for posting your site. Hopefully it will strike a note with someone here who may need it.

Thanks for sharing Symonds. Hope you get all the success in this noble cause of yours. Cheers!

yeah good effort...

I do believe that getting recovered from addiction is one of theee toughest thing but my means of people like you around here can obiviously have a major part in helping.


According to National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse 9 out of 10 American started smoking, drinking and drug before 18 years. Your site will be helpfull for someone.
Yes, Addiction is one of the major problem in USA. Many people belive that addiction is not their problem, but this is not true. Drug user is not only in Cities but also all spread segment of society. Drug addiction leads to crime in the society.
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