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Add Green Tea To Your Healthy Eating Plans

Posted Jan 20 2011 5:32am

I have another weight loss tip for you today and this is a drink you should be adding to your healthy eating plans if you haven’t already.

Eating right means consuming the proper foods and following the correct healthy eating tips so that you can live a healthier life or lose weight. 

Many of us already know about all the great benefits of green tea and some may not.  Green tea has been a very popular researched nutrient the past few years because of all its amazing benefits to our health.  Green tea can be added to your healthy eating plans to help you lose weight, fight off free radicals and even possibly prevent various diseases and illnesses.

A newly published study has shown that the protective properties of green tea may be even more powerful that what we thought.  When digested the scientists in this study saw the power of the green tea actually become even more powerful.

In particular the polyphenols in green tea protect our brain cells by attaching themselves to hydrogen peroxide and amyloid beta, which are toxic compounds that tend to be elevated for those who have Alzheimers.

What the scientists discovered was that when green tea was digested the compounds in the green tea were more effective in protecting against the triggers of Alzheimers.

They also found that these digested polyphenol compounds also have anticancer properties that slowed down the growth of tumor cells.

We know that green tea has been used in alternative medicine for hundreds of years and that this study shows that green tea may also be pretty effective against various diseases and help to protect our cells. 

Make sure you drink up and include green tea as part of your healthy eating plans whether it be to help you lose weight or just for its overall health benefits. 

You can’t go wrong adding it to your diet plans and overall good nutrition.


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