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Adam Sandler to Play 800 lb Character in ‘Fat Man’ Movie

Posted Jan 29 2011 6:46pm

adam sandler fatIt was reported yesterday that Adam Sandler is seriously considering playing the role of a 800 lb morbidly obese man in a new movie tentatively titled Fat Man. In the movie he has a love affair with his nurse that helps him drop down to 600 lbs. Oh… and he’s also naked for the first half of the movie.

This won’t be the first time Adam Sandler plays a fat man. In the movie Click, his character wakes up one day to realize he is extremely overweight.

I’ll definitely watch this movie. I happen to enjoy watching Sandler on the big screen.

“The script has dramatic overtones as the portly protag undergoes an emotional metamorphosis to rival the obvious physical changes. He’s a bright but bitter and bed-ridden guy whose infatuation with the nurse prompts him to drop weight. As he sheds the pounds, the man faces a king-sized dilemma: What if she doesn’t fall in love with him?”

The potential director for Fat Man is Miguel Arteta, director of Cedar Rapids. During an interview at the Sundance Film Festival he showed interest in the project that supposedly Adam Sandler is circling as well.

Adam Sandler - Fat ManArtera said “I’d love to do a movie with Adam Sandler that… someone said he was flirting with? It’s called Fat Man. One of the main writers of The Simpsons wrote the script and it’s amazing.”

“He would play an 800lb guy who has a love affair between him and his nurse. And he’s naked for the first half of the film… and it’s very touching… and it’s very funny.”

“So, I hope he gets the gumption to do it, and maybe I get a crack at that, that would be amazing. Certainly, it would be not a movie you would forget anytime soon… and [it's] beautifully written.”

The Simpsons’ Mike Reiss is who Artera is referring to.

The script for Fat Man is believed to have first circulated in 2003, when it was picked up by Sandler’s production company Happy Madison.

Would you guys go see this? Do you think it will turn out to be a comedy or drama piece?

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