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Accepting the Challenge

Posted Sep 18 2012 9:14pm

I'm staring at this screen with lots on my blogging mind and wishing that the text would just magically appear. My brain is a little scattered.

I made it through the first week of my schedule change and it went really well! Four days of weight training, two days of cardio seem to fit me well! The hardest part of this whole thing though is writing the workout itself. I've been taught to stay on the workout for at least 4 weeks before moving on to new exercises, so I want to really like the workout and really feel like it's doing me some good. Wouldn't that just suck to do a workout for four weeks and see no change?!! I do also realize that you do not have to be sore to prove that you worked hard, but I LIKE SORE. I want sore. I'm crazy.

I think I actually did a pretty good job through the week with my workouts, and I did end up sore from them. I follow a Push/Pull schedule so as to work different muscle groups on different days. I did have to change some of the things I'd planned on. I really think next time I plan a workout, I will go to the gym to plan it.

I get positive feedback from people and some healthy criticism of my workout... Do it this way or that way.. It's such a learning process. I welcome all help, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's just so damn frustrating. :( I am DETERMINED though and will keep on keeping on!

I did a push workout today and I think it went really great! I am a bigger fan I think of the pull workout so it was hard for me to judge today's workout.

Today's workout: (3 sets of 10)
hack squat w/ 40lb barbell
cable crossover 20lbs
inverted pushup
calf raise w/ 70lb barbell
Dumbbell incline fly w/twist 10lbs
arnold press 15lbs
cable tricep push down 80lbs
abs crunch on cable 110lbs
windmill abs holding 40lb barbell overhead

This week I am also doing a 7 Day Glute Challenge  (click for link) and today was Day 3:
100 squats
90 bridges
40 forward lunges each leg
40 leg extensions each leg

Yep, stick a fork in me done! My legs/glutes are getting one heck of a workout this week! I think I like it....

I'm seeing changes in my body and really liking the strength I am seeing! I never thought I'd be here.. but here I am!

Friday in the gym, I jumped the 30" box!!! Holy smokes!! When we started box jumps, the 24" box was completely terrifying. I decided on Friday I wanted to try the next size box. Bam! It happened. I look at the 36" box now thinking.. "It'll never happen".. but heck! Ya never know!! I might be jumping on that thing next week! I might need to invest in some shin guards first though...

Yesterday was MNF.. If you watched, you know what kind of crap game the Broncos played. I'm a huge Bronco fan so the whole game just made me nuts. So while I was yelling at the tv, I decided to do some extra squats, wall sits, calf raises, V-ups.. Just trying to keep active/busy..

Last night during the game. Still smiling :)

OH! I also am dealing with an infected belly button ring. Yup, ouch. I've had it now for 8 weeks and it's been fine up until lately. I'm sure it has something to do with workouts/gym. I know for a fact last week when we did an exercise with a stability ball and twisting that I ripped my belly button. I ripped it as soon as I started the exercise, but I kept going! I had 3 sets to do and dang it, I was doing them!! Paying the price now. But I've got some Tea Tree Oil to keep me company and lemme tell ya, that is some nasty stuff!!!! The smell is AWFUL! But knowing that it's helping in the healing process, it's worth it! No more stability ball twists on the cable machine...

Doesn't look too bad, but it hurts like heck


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