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Acceptance, Superstorm Sandy Style

Posted Nov 02 2012 3:06pm

I’m not a daily blogger and there are times when I go nearly two weeks without a blog post if I don’t have anything to say. This time it’s because I don’t have electricity or Internet, and even though I have places to go where I CAN get internet (for instance, right this very minute I am sitting at the awesome Bean & Leaf coffee shop), I find it harder to concentrate and be in my creative zone in places other than my office.

Despite the power issue, we absolutely lucked out in terms of pretty much everything, especially given that we live towards the end of a peninsula that sits at the end of Long Island Sound where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. We had no wind damage and because we live on relatively high ground, the dreaded surge was not an issue for us, although just down the hill, it was a different story.

This is just down the hill from us and directly across the road from the sea wall.

Pequot Ave., which parallels our street, looked like a sandbox.

Our lack of power has more to do with our location on a street that had many downed trees and wires than anything else. There are homes a couple of blocks away, much closer to the water, that lost electricity for only a few hours.

We do, however, have a small generator at our disposal thanks to the company for which Tim works. And because Tim is a brilliant engineer and problem-solver, we’re able to have a few lights, refrigerator, and heat. But no Internet. And pretty much everything I do, I do on the Internet.

I’ve been making an extra effort to practice acceptance and I have to say that it has made a world of difference in many ways. The storm and its aftermath is a circumstance I can’t control or change. How fast the electric company works is also out of my control. As a matter of fact, as I was writing this post, the Mayor of our city came in and we chatted for a few minutes. He said it might not be until Tuesday that we get power. What I CAN control and change (if needed…and yes, there are times it is needed) are my thoughts about these circumstances. Practicing acceptance starts with me, and ripples out to those around me, and into the community.

My heart goes out to those who lost their homes, or worse, a loved one.


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