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Acai Berry Information and Healthy Eating Guidelines

Posted Feb 02 2009 10:41pm


Acai berry information is all over the internet now and I am getting emails and questions almost daily about acai berry and if it works for weight loss. 


Unfortunately I am also getting emails saying that they signed up for a free trial and now can’t cancel their subscription.


One person had to actually cancel their credit card to get the charges to stop. 


Read  on for the facts about acai berry. 



Don’t fall for the miracle weight loss offers and if you search the forums you will see that thousands of people are being sucked into this false impression of losing weight and then they can’t stop the orders.  Their credit cards just keep getting charged every month. 


It was like this with the supplement Trislim a while back.  It is the same concept of getting you on board with a free trial and then you can never cancel. 


Instead focus on healthy eating guidelines that will provide you with permanent long lasting weight loss and not a credit card with thousands of dollars charged to it. 


For the Top Ten Healthy Eating Guidelines you should be following read this article.  Healthy Eating Guidelines


Yours in health,


Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS


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