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about five years after gastric bypass it seems to be getting harder to maintain the weight . help !!! i have gained approx 50 l

Posted by buttermilk

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The problem with gastric surgery is that the weight loss after the operation doesn't really teach you how to take on a lifestyle that will keep the weight off. And just as important, surgery cannot cut out the problems  and triggers for overeating that exist in your brain. Before you gain any more weight, you should seek out help from a qualified person who can help you understand why you are overeating now. One reason for example could be simply that you are not eating enough carbohydrate to make a chemical in your brain, serotonin, that shuts off appetite. As we point out in our book, the Serotonin Power Diet, you have to eat starchy or sweet foods alone , without protein in order to make serotonin. You don't need to eat much but you have to eat something every day. Serotonin turns off that nagging feeing of wanting to put something in your mouth even when you are not hungry. In addition, you may now be confronting the problems that caused the weight to be put on; these have to be dealt with. And exercise on a daily basis is essential to build muscle which increases the use of calories and to increase your use of calories. Are you exercising ? Are you stressed? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you taking medications like antidepressants that cause weight gain? I am sorry I cannot help you more directly but we talk about all of this in our book.

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