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A Weight Loss Solution for Your Self-Esteem

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Here's a good definition of self esteem: an evaluation you make about yourself, and an attitude you have toward yourself, which can be approving or disapproving. Self-esteem involves your own personal judgment - the extent to which you believe that you are a capable person, a worthwhile person, and a significant person.

It is of great importance to your self-esteem that you be able to set and achieve positive life goals.

In the area of physical health and well-being, many women with weight problems have a long-term weight loss goal. Many cannot achieve this goal. Even if this is true for you, you needn't give up here.

You can pull yourself out of feeling demoralized by your struggle with weight gain and with not losing weight.

Let's say you have been repeatedly unsuccessful at sticking to a good weight loss solution.

Here are ten questions to answer that will help you:

  1. Do you have any ideas for a better weight loss solution?
  2. Can you write these ideas down clearly?
  3. Can you think of any other areas in your life where you've been more successful?
  4. Can you borrow any strategies from these other areas of your life?
  5. Can you complete this thought: The worst part of losing weight for me is _________.
  6. What can you do about the "worst part"?
  7. Can you complete this thought: The part of losing weight I'm good at is _________.
  8. Can you write down five positive things you could start doing tomorrow that would get you going on the right path to your weight loss goal?
  9. Can you create a positive statement about the next diet plan you go on?
  10. If you were able reach some small but significant weight loss goal, how do you think it would affect your self-esteem?
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