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A Weight Loss Solution for Emotional Eating

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Dear Maria...

My friend says I do more emotional eating than anyone she knows. She's a really good friend and I trust her judgment. What's the best thing I can do to stop my emotional eating?

It's great to have a good friend who keeps her eye on you. But this is something you have to do for yourself as well. That's the secret to getting your emotional eating down to manageable portions ( sic proportions).

Seeing yourself as you are is the first big step toward changing your emotional eating. You don't have to do anything more at first, just be able to see that you are an emotional eater.

Notice your feelings and thoughts when you grab for those weight gain foods. Take a look at how you were feeling before you pigged out. What sent you to the kitchen to get your second between-meal snack of the day? Was it something you felt, something you thought? Did you go to regulate your mood, which was nearing its usual afternoon low?

There is more to be done. Here are some ideas:

  • Identify and deal with the triggers
  • Sharpen your awareness of the link between your emotions and your eating
  • Think of what overeating and being overweight does emotionally that has been positive for you
  • Remove the temptation for emotional eating, not be getting rid of certain foods, but by dealing more directly with the emotions themselves and not just eating to get over them

Changing from emotional eating to normal eating is a tough task. You're lucky to have such a good friend to help.

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