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A Virus, a Podcast and a New Blog

Posted Feb 02 2009 10:58pm

Strange post title, I know. Chalk it up to a lack of creativity when I’m sick. :)

Let me fill you in on the virus thing. Last night, something, I’m not quite sure what it was, infected my body. At 4:30 AM my stomach did all it could to remove the trespassers. It’s now 1:30PM and I’ve finally mustered up enough energy to wonder out of my room. Totally not fun!

Thankfully my parents are visiting. So the toddler didn’t have to see mommy waste an entire day in bed. I HATE being sick. HATE IT!

Anyway, the next thing I’d like to mention is my website chat. The podcast is up on Jack’s blog. It’s a bit long but we talk about everything. All my sites, how I record and edit the videos for GreenLiteBites and my advice for new bloggers. It was so much fun and validated that I’m really doing what I want to be doing. I love every aspect of blogging and am starting to get really excited about helping others do the same.

Cue… New Blog. :)

Finally the new blog. It’s not "quite" finished as I haven’t written any meaningful posts but I wanted to launch it to get feedback, advice and free testers. :) You guys know by now I tend to do things off the cuff and just throw myself out there. I have some great questions and ideas already for posts from you guys. Now I just need to start writing! Unfortunately this virus set me back a bit. :( Either way click here to check out my new SkinnyMinnyMedia blog.

As for me, well… I’m still not 100 percent. I think I’m going to relax in a bath and drink some more Gatorade. Maybe I’ll try some soup in a bit. I haven’t eaten all day and right now have no desire to.

Hope your weekend is going better then mine! :)

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