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A Solution?

Posted Jan 25 2011 12:00am
I had an epiphany the other day. I realized that if I put myself in a situation where there is shit to eat, that I will eat that shit, no matter how hard I try with "willpower" to prevent myself.

If I am at a party, and there is free food, then my face will go into that free food. If I am at a family gathering where my family is gorging on carb goodies, and I have to sit there with my palm over my mouth,'s just too unbearable.

I think the solution is clear. I just need to avoid social situations that are centered around food. It just has to happen. If it's not there, then I don't have to worry about it...I think I have just found the answer to finally losing the last 40-50 pounds.

My personal trainer saw me the other day and was like, "Tony, were you good over the weekend???"

Just from the expression on my face he knew I had failed. And failed miserably. He gave me an alternate solution: binge on healthy food before going to a social event. I think this is probably the next best thing to complete avoidance, but I can still pack down a lot of oreos, no matter how physically full I am...

Whatever the case, the yo-yo dieting has to stop. And if that means not partaking in pizza and alcoholic beverages for the next few months, then so be it. I think it's worth the sacrifice.
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