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A Soggy, Spring Cleaning the Storage Area Sensational Sunday.

Posted Mar 06 2011 11:11pm

It has rained ALL day today. Nonstop and HEAVY! The backyard looks like a swamp and the sump pump has been working overtime.

So have we. :)

Little Man and I started as always–with laundry. We didn’t do any dive bombs but we still had fun playing and chatting away while working.

Once the first load was started we headed downstairs for breakfast. I finally took the leap and tried a new bread many have recommended to me.

Ezekiel Bread is made of Sprouted Wheat, Barley, Millet, Lentils, Soybeans, and Spelt. It’s a complete protein and mighty tasty! Like a nice hearty whole grain.

It almost requires toasting and when you do it’s delicious with a little butter or jelly. I gave it to Little Man this morning for the first time. He didn’t say a word and neither did I. We simply enjoyed out toast and his plate was clean at the end of breakfast. I’m going to try to make some simple French Toast with it next!

The rest of breakfast was very traditional. I had a veggie omelet with onion, red pepper and asparagus. This husband had 3 sunny side up and we split some bacon. Well, we really didn’t SPLIT it. I had a 2 slices and he had the rest with regular bread, of course, he wasn’t into the Ezekiel stuff.

After breakfast we opened a few more of our LEGO mini figures. This has become a family obsession.

Even Irish is getting into it.

They are just so darn fun! Little Man likes to play action figures with them…

and we even set up another stop motion scene…

like this one . I love that we all play with these. It’s fun that we have a hobbie together as a family.

But you can’t play all day. We decided to clean and organize our storage area. Here’s a little before and after.

It may not look that impressive but just take a look at the DURING.

We got a lot accomplished and even had some fun doing it–finding little gems like my record collection.

Little Man got bored with our cleaning party and decided to entertain himself with the iPad.

We took a break and went out to lunch at a local Italian place per the husband’s request. I wasn’t about to argue as there was no way I was cooking 3 meals today. We just had too much to do.

By 6 we were exhausted. The boys played with cars while camped in the living room and I folded the laundry.

Irish observed.

I threw dinner in the oven making some Baked Ham with Sweet Potatoes and Carrots . I wanted something hands off and this is the kind of dinner you just pop in the oven and forget about.

I was excited that a few of my bananas FINALLY got ripe enough to freeze for banana soft-serve .

My new approach–single serving ziplock bags so I can just grab one out for a smoothie or the ice cream. It works perfectly!

Dinner was done about an hour and half later. The family devoured it.

I love an easy family favorite. :)

After we cleaned up the dinner mess I was pretty much done. Finished. My eyes are closing NOW!

I didn’t get lunches made for tomorrow, the clothes put away or the house totally clean but I got more than enough accomplished to declare this yet another SENSATIONAL Sunday. Now it’s time for bed. Hopefully I can muster up enough energy to brush my teeth.

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