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A small victory in a larger war (well competition)…

Posted Jan 26 2010 7:47am

Having gone back and looked through my posts for the past months I noticed I have been fairly closed mouth about my experience.  I haven’t really spoken much outside of the weigh-ins.  That may be a good thing as some of you might have been screaming last August for me to finally shut it and be quiet just for a day, but I have feel like there are more of you out there who would like a bit more of me each week.  I, of course, would acquiesce to any request for further mention of my greatness in order to inspire you.  (I am, still, in fact full of myself)

I am lucky enough to have found Twitter when I did, so I could find the wonderful support and friends there.  Even recently, I have engaged in witty (and some would say questionable) banter with several of my fellow Tweeps.  Ryan, Sue and Steve have become a terrible trio of tremendous trouble I have to admit.  Some of the conversations we have been having border on lunacy, but it is in those moments I know they have my back.  It is awesome to be part of such a group of crazy people.

Ryan is the one who started the No More Bacon website and also issued the Biggest Loser Challenge that I have taken part in.  I am happy to say that despite coming in 4th for week one, I have taken week 2’s prize with an 8 (eight) pound weight loss.  I won an awesome water bottle and sport jump rope.  While this still keeps me 3rd in overall rankings, I think I can keep up despite my knee.  As much as I love competition, I still have to admit even if I hadn’t one a prize this week, I am still down 19 pounds in 2 weeks. HELLSYEAHALLEULUJIAOMGWTF!  The sense of competition pushes me, but the award is not the shiny stuff I could win, but the loss of fat I am seeing.  Thanks Ryan…  I will try and keep everyone updated on the progress of the competition (since Ryan isn’t ambitious enough to sing my praises with several blog posts… shame shame :) .)

This week I am only down 2 pounds so far because my workouts have been hindered due to my knee.  I forget I am still a 340 lb man no matter what my mind thinks my body can do.  I get sooo excited to be able to play with Lucas I forgo any notion that I could possibly still be limited physically.  This just means I need to work harder to get my body to where my mind needs it to be.  Only I can prevent forest fires… wait, I mean only I can change my body and align it with my true hope of being who I am.  My catch phrase is completely true… trying to lose part of me physically so I can become the man I want to be in a holistic sense.  And holistically I want to be the baddest mamma-jamma to ever have lived.  At least to my family that is :)

I am still toying with the notion of sending in a BL10 (Biggest Loser Season 10) video.  The only 2 things stopping me is the hope I can do this on my own, and more importantly the upcoming birth of future baby boy D’Artagnan or baby girl D’Artagnanabeth.  Most likely, filming would start right after the birth and I truly don’t know if I could part with my family.  It would truly have to be my last option.  I ruled out Gastric in 2008 because I was afraid it would harm me and take me away from my family…. and now I would have to make another decision that could separate us.  Lisa and I have spoken on this.  In order to go, I would truly have to think it was my best chance at a more healthful life.  And I know there are those out there who hate what the BL represents, but I have to think it does some good for many people.  While I agree incubating healthy living in an environment without stresses can set up people to fail when reintroduced back into the fray, at least it can teach us how to live, eat and work toward healthful habits.  I don’t know, my mind is scrambled by logic and emotion, so who knows if anything I say makes sense.  All I know is that my goal is to live a healthful life with my family and become the role model, husband and father I KNOW I can be.  Any tool that will help me is of great value.  Right now, I value what BL could do for me, but only if it is a tool I would HAVE to use.  Does that make sense at all or am I completely Daft?

On other fronts of my life, I have gotten back into reading.  I used to love it, but with the age of moving media, my mind got used to the easier notion of watching the story play out instead of creating it inside my head.  Now that I have been able to capture the magic of written word again, I am excited.  I am reading the Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth series and LOVE IT.  I started reading First Rule slowly since christmas, but the past 3 weeks, I have read 2, 3, 4 and I am halfway through 5.  The imagination is awesome, and I truly believe in some small way, living in the world of reading allows me to melt away my stress and worries.  It has helped me relax during tenuous times.  It is a good thing.  If you can, pick up the closest book and read it for an hour…  Well that is not the best idea.  If I were to do that now, I would be picking up the 2007-2009 student catalog and LORD knows that (insert word here) has caused me more headache :)

LOL, I just shot on of my students… Not really, but with my desk missile launcher.  I think it is time for me to unveil my desk publicly as it is a throne of awesome.  I don’t have time to upload pics today, but I promise this week I will show you the splendor of my desk including USB missile launchers, remote controlled USB Cars, robot snowmen, powerful magnets, tetris blocks, etc. It is a world of wonder I surround myself with.   I find my students love playing with toys so I like to have them handy.

Wow, what a post.  I find when I write, it truly mimics my thought, so I have to apologize for the jerking and stopping between subjects.  I don’t proclaim to write well, or even write with sanity… but of course you are here reading it, so what does that say about you…  Yes, that is right, I just called you crazy… haha.. ha…. hahahahah…hahah…  I hope you have a wonderful day my friends.

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