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A Single Fatty Snack Can Affect Heart Health

Posted by Nirmala N.

We all tell ourselves that the occasional indulgence can't be all that bad for us, but according to researchers at the University of Sydney, a single high-fat snack can diminish the body's natural ability to defend against heart disease.The study examined 14 trial participants, all of whom were healthy and between 18 and 40, who ate a single piece of high-fat cake, along with a milkshake. The effect? The ability of the arteries to expand and increases blood flow was greatly diminished, and the boost in saturated fat apparently affected the ability of good cholesterol to protect the arterie's inner lining from agents that cause the build-up of fatty plaque, which in the long run, can clog blood vessels and lead to heart disease.

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I have gotten into the nasty holiday habit of accompanying all my raw veggies with sour cream dips. It's come to the point where the little baby carrot or celery stick is barely a conveyance for loads of fatty dip! I have to retrain my taste buds to enjoy veggies in their own right, with their own texture. Otherwise, I may as well be using my finger in a big bowl...and getting a heart attack.
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