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A Sickly, Nursery Started, Shopping by Myself Sensational Sunday

Posted Jan 23 2011 10:30pm

Oh my word. Where do I start today? I got so much accomplished but still have so much to do. I’m in a bit of Sensational Sunday limbo land.

My parents came in town this weekend to help move some furniture and get the nursery at least started. They really gave me that nudge to get the ball rolling. Let me start at the beginning before I get ahead of myself.

I was awaken at 6:45AM by a miserable 5 year old. He was complaining of a belly ache and crawled into bed with me. We probably would have fallen back to sleep but my niece crept in 5 minutes later. I knew there was no way I was going to keep the two of them entertained in my room while I slept so down stairs we headed.

I decided to make the clan some quick blueberry muffins. Thankfully I had some BlueBran VitaMix in stock and I just bought fresh blueberries.

That’s right, blueberries, in January. I know, off season but when I saw them at Trader Joe’s yesterday I couldn’t pass them up. I mean seriously, look at them…

I’m glad I bought them. They taste amazing!

I added a bunch to the batter and made the fruitiest blueberry muffins ever. Little man ate 5!


In his defense I got 17 out of the batter that was suppose to make 12 and VitaMuffins are already pretty small so it was probably the equivalent of 2. But still.

In addition to blueberries I also picked up my newest obsession…

I seriously can NOT get enough of grapefruit right now. Every morning it’s the first thing I eat. SO yummy and totally in season right now.

I split one with mom and enjoyed the blueberry muffins while making a HUGE batch of hard boiled eggs for the week.

I purposefully bought an extra dozen specifically for hard boiling. Little man loves them. The husband is an egg salad fanatic. And I love that I can grab one in a hurry for breakfast or turn it into a quick sandwich for lunch . These are the types of things that turn an ordinary Sunday into a Sensational Sunday. 15 minutes of work that make healthy food choices that much easier all week long.

After breakfast the husband and I ran some errands while Grandma and Grandpa hung out with the kids. To our surprise when we came back they got the furniture moving done!

For lunch we ended up making homemade hoagies on some fresh bread I picked up from Panera. This is a rare treat at my house as I barely buy fresh bread but boy was it GOOD! Makes me want to experiment making my own at home.

After lunch my parents headed out and I was left with one sick and miserable kid…

The children’s Ibuprofen kept him moving all morning but once it wore off he was pretty lethargic. I hate when he’s sick. I feel so helpless.

He stayed home with Dad while I ran back out for more shopping. There were a few things we wanted to pick up from Ikea. I was looking forward to making it a family trip but then I realized…

I can shop ALONE!

Alone in Ikea!

What a rare treat! I waddled through the whole store looking at displays and furniture. No worry of when my hour in day care was up, no husband rushing me out. It was GLORIOUS!

You really learn how to appreciate simple pleasures when you become a parent. lol

Once I got home it was laundry and clean up. I got a little writing done and made leftovers for dinner. Overall an uneventful evening. Laundry is washed but not put away. Dishes are done but sitting in the washer. Furniture is bought but not yet put together.

So not everything got accomplished but a lot was started and preparations were made for the rest of the week. I have a house full of fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of nursery stuff to keep me busy and I’m ready to start. It’s gonna be a hectic one!

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