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A Series of Fortunate Events

Posted May 09 2010 12:00am
So you guys know that I went to weigh in Friday because I didn't think I'd be able to weigh in Saturday morning after I'd been out all night. I weighed in at a location by my office during my lunch but didn't stay for the meeting since I didn't have time.

Saturday morning, I peeled myself out of bed to go sit in on the meeting since I was feeling so defeated by my stay the same. For those of you who don't know, when you weigh in at another location they don't have your file so you have to update your "home" location with your weight stats. I went to do that and realized there was no sticker on my book which meant there was no proof that I weighed in Friday... for all they know I wrote those numbers in myself... So I hopped on the scale to get weighed Saturday morning after consuming a bottle of wine Friday night and what happens...



What are the freakin' odds man? I normally weigh in Saturdays so the weeks worth of activity and Clean Eating worked. I knew I'd lost weight this week... I felt smaller and I totally worked the plan this week.

Everything happens for a reason!

Because I wasn't expecting to hit goal I don't have any pictures from my meeting or the day I hit goal at all. I do however, have a pic of me the Friday night I went out.

No clue who Jenel is... I stole the pic from the promotions company... haha L-R: My Cousin, My Best Friend and I.

So now I'm going through my first week of maintenance and so far so good. The extra POINTS are easy to consume and I'm still trying to work in Clean Eating as much as possible. I'm in Sudbury right now for another Regional Dialogue... what a freakin' drive. I got Teryaki Experience for dinner... Chicken and Shrimp over brown rice with veggies. I didn't even finish a 1/3 of it. Tomorrow, the University is feeding us breakfast and lunch so I'll work on making the best choices I can.

Next step... Lifetime 6 weeks from Saturday.

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