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A rough week

Posted Jul 06 2006 12:00am

This last week has been a rough one and not one I care to repeat any time soon. My last post, I told about going south to put the car in our daughter's name. That went okay, with a bit of attitude when she realized the ramifications of it all. She's since decided to sell the car, go figure! Any way ...

Tim had not felt well all day. Off and on he complained of nausea. I didn't think a lot of it because he has that quite a bit with his diabetes and the ups and downs of his blood glucose readings. On the way home, he said he didn't feel good and reclined his seat to sleep. He slept for about an hour and sat up. He talked with me for a very short time and again, laid back and went to sleep. When he sat up next and started to talk, it was obvious that something was seriously wrong.

He was talking in sentences, but they made no sense. At first I thought he was playing with me as only a word or two were wrong. Soon, it became evident that something more was wrong. With the help of Tim's friend and paramedic Mike, I found a hospital as we were driving through Joliet. Straight to the ER on Mike's advice and I'm so thankful he was home and could advise me. If not, Tim probably wouldn't be alive right now!

His blood pressure was 246/144 and his blood sugar was 465. They rushed him through a CT scan and it was normal. He forgot my name and the names of our girls. His sentences became more and more confused and eventually were like gibberish. He was having an acute stroke. Had I not gotten him to the ER when I did, I was advised he probably would have died in the car of a heart attack. Whew!

So from Monday through Thursday (today) we were in Joliet at the hospital. This is about an hour south of our apartment and two and a half hours north of our old home. I slept on a chair that folded out into a twin bed on Monday night in the ICU. Well, I tried to sleep. They were in and out, checking on him every 90 minutes. Though it was annoying, it was also very reassuring. Tuesday and Wednesday I slept sitting up on a plastic 'recliner' of sorts. The footrest came up but the chair itself did not recline. I got about three hours of sleep per night. I did a ton of walking to the cafeteria and back. I ate as best I could with hospital food. I'm sure damage was done but right now, all that matters is that Tim's okay.

I want to thank my Sparkfriends, who knew about this as I was able to call one of them and advise of the situation who then posted about my absence there. The prayers and my email inbox (which I've not addressed yet) have shown me how much I have touched others lives.

Tim is okay but for a slight speech problem and memory problem. His short term memory is pretty bad right now. When he talks, if he tries to talk too fast, words he uses make no sense. His speech is slow and makes him sound a bit confused. No ideas yet if this is going to be forever or will reverse itself with time and some therapy. We'll see how it goes.

For now, I'm thankful to be back home again. I'm thankful for good friends and heartfelt prayers. It's been a rough week!

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