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A ride with a bit of everything!

Posted Oct 21 2012 3:36pm

Saturday had the looks to be a perfect outdoor day.  After a Friday of soaking rains all day, it was nice to see the sun.  The roads were pretty soggy, though, so we scrapped plans to bike to breakfast to let the roads dry out.

John owed my my football meal and I waited all week to get my breakfast at the Chocolate Mill!

Brioche french toast with blueberry compote.

The coat the bread with crushed cereal, which gives it a yummy crispy crunch!  And served with *real* maple syrup, thank you very much.

Temps were warming up and the roads were getting drier and we could’t wait to get on the bikes!  We decided to bike down to Saratoga for lunch.  We had to go earlier because of it getting dark earlier and also because we were having my folks over for dinner.

Ready for some fall pictures?

Kind of past peak, but nice none the less.  We stopped around mile 5 to save this guy:

Big snapping turtle.  He was crossing the road to a field, but that wasn’t such a good place for him, so we herded him towards the river and waved cars to slow down.  He started to safely head back down to the river bank.

And they aren’t kidding.  Turtles are sloowwww…

After a bit, John asked if I wanted to stop for a picture.  Sure!

Then he said, “I meant the view.”  Oh.

I decided to shed my jacket here since we were stopped and approaching the hill section for the day.    The skies were so blue and clear, right?

I laughed when I saw this picture.  John is not ducking out of the way, he was just looking at his front tire and I got some of him in the shot.

We stopped for a break around mile 15.

We went birdwatching here once with my sister a couple years ago and there were clouds of mosquitoes – so we didn’t stay long.  I would like to hike here again some time.


We arrived in Saratoga at mile 24 and went to the Beekman street art district for lunch. This place is called The Local and they serve lots of craft beer and locally sourced food.

We had BOGO coupon to eat here – score for bargains!!  I saw one of my favorite dishes on the menu – eggs benedict.  With local eggs?  Thank you!


We kept proclaiming how beautiful the day was for riding.  Should have known that Mother Nature had a surprise in store for us.  After lunch, we bike back into town for a bit of dessert.  We each got a pumpkin cupcake at Bettie’s.

One was a cinnamon coffee cake cupcake with pumpkin buttercream and the other was a pumpkin cupcake with pumpkin buttercream.  We split both of these.  While we were eating, the skies clouded up and it started to sprinkle.  Uh oh.  We went over to the library to go online and check  The whole state was dry, but for one big green blob coming right our way with thunder!  Eeek!  We waited for a bit.

Nothing like being stuck 20+ miles from home, right?  We thought if we left, we could skirt around the rain as we headed north, so we  left after a bit.  We bike for 4 or 5 miles and got totally soaked and decided to pull over at a Dunkin Donuts to wait it out.  Too miserable.  I was sopping wet.

I had nothing waterproof with me at all, so I did my best with my hood under my helmet.  We could see blue sky just to the side, so we were hoping it would come soon.  Still pretty, though.

The rain finally tapered off and I wrung out my jacket.  Not waterproof.  There was absolutely no rain in the forecast for the day, so I don’t know what was up with that.  Now we were on the back end of the rain the rest of the way home, so the roads were wet, but at least it wasn’t raining on us any more.  It was cold riding soaking wet, I will say.

This is what passed over us moving on off to the north.

We had a fairly uneventful ride home until….

Right about mile 42:

Flat tire.   We were both afraid to say something out loud about getting a flat during this ride and then it happened 5 miles from home!

I took some foliage shots while John was changing his tire.


Finally made it home with an hour to spare before my parents were to come over for dinner.  Mad scramble to cook and shower!   I think my bike shoes won’t dry out for days.

Ride stats:

Total miles 46.9 miles (eh… 47)

Average speed:  12.7 mph

Calories burned:  1403

That ride had a little bit of everything in it!

Today’s pink picture:

The Breast Cancer Site

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