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A recent study has found that ea...

Posted Sep 13 2008 12:53am

A recent study has found that eating slower does mean that you will eat less and get far more enjoyment out of the meal, a percentage of women were studied and during the study it was found that they ate 70 calories fewer, if they ate slow, whereas they consumed more when they ate faster and didn’t enjoy the meal so much.

The rule of thumb was less calories more enjoyment, the people who conducted the survey had 30 young women, have a meal of tomatoes with ditalini plus some sauce, two methods were used to see what the difference was.

The women had a 400 calorie breakfast, and then they fasted for a four hour period. During the tests the participants were given a large spoon, and were told to keep eating continuously and not stop to pause between spoonfuls, at the other test they were told to chew the food between 15 and 20 times.

In the first test which we will call test number one the findings were:

  • The participants took in an average of 646 calories during a nine minute period of time.

In the second test two the findings were:

  • The participants consumed 579 calories during the 29 minute period of time

The participants in test number two said that they felt more full and satisfied after their meal and after a hour had passed also.

The conclusion of this report was if you base this on three meals a day you would consume 210 calories less, than if you eat your meals very quickly. That is getting on for nearly half of a 500 calorie deficit that you need to lose one pound of fat in a week.


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