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A Post In Which I Share Bits & Pieces of Inspiration From A Woman I Know As MizFit

Posted Dec 11 2009 1:52pm
“Home Is Where The Health Is” Isn’t that a beautiful thought? MizFit used that phrase on her blog to describe how she’s going to handle the frenzy of the holidays in a healthy way. That’s not to say that she’s one of those militant types who insists on no-fat, no-sugar, no-fun. She says she’s “embracing the decadence of the season…when I’m not at home. ” So yeah, enjoy those parties and other events, but make your home a place of health.

When I watched MizFit’s video blog in the subject, my mind immediately equated “health” with “love.” Home is where we love each other and ourselves. And how do we do that? By making meals with fresh, whole foods; by taking long walks to the beach; by not having a television in our living room; by paying attention to each other…the list goes on.

My husband Tim is tall, slender and has never had a weight problem, but his eating habits were not so good before we married. He ate of lot processed foods and thus struggled with allergies and headaches. One way I show my love for him is making sure I contribute to his health by treating his body to good food.

And I am getting much better at doing the same thing for myself. I am overcoming that insidious self-hated and the accompanying self-abuse that comes with it in the form of binge eating. Home Is Where We Are. Home Is Where The Love Is. And So Home Is Where The Health Is.

“Let Go And Let Bod” is yet another excellent turn of phrase from MizFit. And no, that’s not a typo, and it’s not meant to be sacrilegious. It came out of a Twitter exchange she and I had about not following the rules everyone else sets out for us, but in trusting our bodies to know what’s right for ourselves.

It’s a take on “Let Go And Let God.” I love it because I like the idea of surrendering my troubles to a higher power. I believe in God, but not a traditional religious sense because I can’t wrap my head around the concept that God is separate from me (or anyone else). To me, God is positive energy, nothing more, nothing less. And energy is everywhere and it’s in everything. And so God is my Bod and I love the idea of surrendering myself to my body, and all of its wisdom.

Find out more about MizFit here (…because Fitness isn’t about fitting in…)

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