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A Plan for Losing Excess Weight May Not Be All That It’s Cracked Up To Be. If So, Here’s How to Fix It.

Posted Jan 16 2013 5:00am

“Here’s how I’m going to ___________.” How many times have you thought or actually said this to yourself during the process of weight loss? “Here’s how I’m going to handle my afternoon hunger.” “Here’s how I’m going to deal with my frustrations so I don’t snack myself to death tonight.” “Here how I’m going to improve my eating today.”

You didn’t know if it would work. You thought it might, and you thought it was worth a try.

Here’s something you can do to make this kind of weight-loss activity—what you’re thinking of doing—more likely to work.

You establish what you’re going to do, let’s say about not eating off your diet the way you did yesterday. Then set the opposite of what you’re going to do up against what you’re going to do. This kind of mind experiment opens up alternative ways of handling the situation.

For instance, making sure you have a better day emotionally is the way you’ve chosen to keep on the diet straight and narrow today. What you will set against that plan is the idea of having the worst kind of day emotionally today. As you think over just what it means for you to have the worst day emotionally, you may come up with some thoughts about what specifically would cause you to have such a lousy emotional day. You could then turn your attention to these matters in order to prevent them or turn them around into that better day you need for diet management.


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