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A Picture Play-by-Play of My Sensational Super Bowl Sunday

Posted Feb 06 2011 10:48am

First, Little Guy and I played with his Mindscope track while starting the laundry.

We had quite a mess on our hands to start the day…

I mean…. really.

That didn’t stop us from having a healthy breakfast. Little Guy had Old Fashioned Blueberry Oatmeal and I experimented with an apple spice bowl for myself.

Soon it was nursery time! Crib and changing table needed assembling.

I focused on close organizing. :) We just got this cute jeans outfit and a hysterical Freddy Krueger onsie. How could I NOT?!? We are seriously thinking of dressing him up as Freddy for Halloween based on that shirt.

The boys did a GREAT job and the room is starting to come together. Note: if you are wondering about the black wall check out last week’s pregnancy update.

However, we have a loooog way to go.

Soon it was time for lunch. We had leftovers. Dad? pasta. Kid? chicken and cut veggies. Me? Leftover taco meat and beans turned into a wrap with veggies.

After lunch I had the husband snap a pregnancy pic. A few people have been asking and I just realized I’m not having a shower so they’ll be no excuse to take pics. That’s where most of my pregnancy pics from Ryan came from.

Surprisingly the house recovered quite well.

For our special Super Bowl dinner we had, what else, but wings and pizza! However… I cooked everything homemade! :)

As for the pizza, I used Trader Joe’s whole wheat dough . And even though both husband and child requested plain, I veg’ed it up.

Chopping small and putting all the green stuff under the cheese, I call it "spices." :)

They both ate it with no complaints.

Then it was game time!

Now I’m watching a cheesy movie and staying up too late again with the hubz. MAN! I love Sundays. :)

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